Obstacles Will Come ~ And Then They Will Go!

Obstacles Will Come. . .

This week begins a new series in “Answers to Basic Business Challenges”.

One of life’s great truth’s is “obstacles will come“. They will when we least expect them; and they may throw us for a loop and drop us on our butts before we know it. They are part of life and without them we might become fat, sassy and without an ounce of personal-spiritual wisdom at all.

Simple fact is, obstacles come because we are human, living a human life on planet earth. We have yet to transition to anything else that is promised in words of our Heavenly PAPA! They will come at us creeping in like the tortoise. . . or they will come in a whirlwind that momentarily takes our breath away.

But come they will!

And Then They Will Go. . .

Yes, another fact of life.

Nothing lasts forever. I recently saw a great piece of wisdom posted on Facebook: “The Bad News – Nothing Lasts Forever. The Good News – Nothing Lasts Forever!”  We all want the good news to last forever and the bad to not come at all.

When I think about the obstacles I’ve faced in life; I often wonder how in the world did I manage them? When in my early 30’s, married with 3 young children; I finished an undergraduate degree which required I drive 60+ miles several days a week in order to complete the task.

Married, with growing children and a terminally ill husband; I drove the same number of miles to get my graduate degree. I look back and wonder how did I do that? I decided only by the Grace of God was it possible to do so. And as soon as those trying days rolled off the calendar. . . the obstacles they presented to a comfortable life disappeared. Only to have another more critical obstacle come knocking!

Up Down Over Under and Back Again. . .

Life is like that. So are the obstacles we encounter along the way. We are up one moment; down the next. We go over under and through only to come back to another something standing in our way.

Yesterday, I became an octogenarian. I celebrated my 80th birthday. Is it an obstacle to the next stage of life? Only if I let it be!

If I decide that being 80 is cause to pull down the shades and hibernate; then I make achieving the next year of life an obstacle to achieving the purpose for which I was put upon the earth. I choose.

God gives; but I choose to accept the challenge. . . or not!

The Freedom of Choice!

Yes, as Godly business women who know we have a God-given purpose for living; we are free to choose. Comfortable hibernation – or ready acceptance of an obstacle-filled life. May not sound like much of a choice, but in reality it is the only choice we have. We either try to avoid all obstacles by hiding from reality. Or we accept them and grow because (and in spite) of them.

The Grand Paradox. . .

Reality in the Kingdom is full of paradoxes; but that is the subject of another post at some point.

The “grand paradox” of which I write today is that when we choose to hide from the challenges of life; the hiding is in itself – an obstacle. In our human attempts to avoid life-without-challenges; we make an obstacle from which there is little to no escape without choosing to throw off the blankets, raise the blinds and open the shutters! Life is like that.

So as we start a new series of answers to basic business challenges; let us choose to rejoice that our feet touch bottom as we seek to keep our heads above water.

And let us remember that the good news doesn’t last forever. . . but neither does the bad!



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