No Such Thing As A Self-Made Success!

No Such Thing As a “Self-Made” Success!

I hear it all the time. So and so is a self-made success! Irritates my hide as my Momma used to say!

No one who has ever tasted the goodness of success has arrived at the table by herself. She may be seated alone; but at every juncture of the journey, she found help in order to arrive at the next destination. Christian women in business who are honest when touting their success will not only tell everyone who will listen; but will recognize and honor those who joined them and had an active role in their achievements!

“It’s Takes A Village”, So They Say. . .

You’ve heard the expression that it takes a village to raise a child. Well the same is true of building a successful business. In fact, building anything of significance.

I serve on a local board determined to positively impact and significantly influence the future of our community! There are those who want to make it all about me. But that’s not true! I may have had a hand in launching the vision; but the outcome is not about me.

Our success at anything in life is NEVER just about us! 

There are those in our lives – or those who will come into our lives at just the right time, who positively impact and significantly influence our individual success. We can call them our “tribe, village or community”. The meaning is the same. They are the folks who share, advise, coach, exhort and otherwise hold up our resolve when it has reached the point of sheer exhaustion.

“I Won’t Let You Do That!”

My friend Shirley almost shouted those words to me yesterday when I said I was ready to throw in the towel. “I won’t let you do that!”  I had hit an emotionally draining wall of resistance o-n-e m-o-r-e time. And I was done! Two and a half hours later, my mojo was back and I was ready to take on the naysayers, manipulators and arrogant so and so’s whose attitudes were stumbling blocks in the path ahead.

From the Christian perspective those who throw such negative barricades in our path to success are not serving the Lord. However, the Lord used those folks, AND the very strong voice of a friend to get me out of the doldrums of self-pity; and back on the road to the outcome we all desire!

As women of faith seeking to honor PAPA God with our business successes; we can’t do it alone. We must have the faithful assist from those who care about us – and about what we do, in order to achieve what we call S.U.C.C.E.S.S! In business and in life. . .

“But, Linda, I have Social Media!”

Whoopee. So do I. So do most of the women in business I know. I have at least 3 platforms deemed “Social Media”. Most of my acquaintances have more!

Social media is an awesome platform for making friends. For connecting with old friends as well. It’s considered one of the major ‘channels’ we must have to be successful. And much marketing know-how is geared toward becoming at least literate in the use of several such platforms.

And as late, I’ve noticed that I can spread my influence and that of our business on Facebook for thousands of $$$$ to reach just a handful of the more than 5 billion FB members. Whoopee. Even if I had the $$$$ they ask; I wouldn’t choose to put it in Zuckerberg’s pocket. You know what I would do with $$$$?

I would put it into building the best, most nimble and ease of use COMMUNITY platform I could find. One that is true community. One that gives Christian women in business all the bells and whistles they need to connect with each other, and with features that make the days online business a day of great joy!

I DREAM It Looks Like This. . .

My DREAM looks like this!

Ad Free – Yes, I DREAM of an “ad free” social media community where women can connect with each other without the interruption of ad after ad after ad. No more scrolling news feed with “sponsored” posts that clutter an otherwise interesting and sometimes informative read!

Special Places – I DREAM of a special place to post commercials, help wanted and needed announcements. In reality, commercial posts have greater possibility of being seen and acted upon in such an arrangement where the audience is specifically looking for such things. Imagine how great that would be!

Not Too Big Not Too Small  I DREAM of a real community that is just the right size. Where everyone is of the same or similar mindset and can connect with everyone else – if they choose! The benefit of being able to “pick” the brains and experience of anyone with whom we share space and connections.

Learn, Grow to Succeed – I DREAM of a place where women can learn by sharing their wisdom, knowledge and expertise with each other. Where each woman is valued for who she is as well as what she knows and does.

A Safe Place – I DREAM of a SAFE place where Christian women in business can “let down our hair” without fear of being held in anything other than love, care and compassion.  Where our hurts are healed and our successes are celebrated.

I DREAM of true community. A place that feels like the warmth of an old-fashioned neighborhood where neighbors leave the light on until everyone’s safely home. . .

NOW. . . What’s your DREAM?



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