The 1st post in this series relates how destiny comes to us.  A thought, a word, in a song. We ask and the answer comes – at some point. In my case, it came quickly and unequivocally. But I had no idea its size and scope. So the fullness of destiny waited. .

From the early days of being on the web (July 2007) to August, 2012; we learned the ropes. The ropes called blogging and social media. Facebook launched and put MySpace in the shade. Then came LinkedIn and Twitter. New to the scene is Pinterest (who would have thought?)!  And social media platforms popped up everywhere. Even opportunities for us newbie folks to have our own.

So that’s what we did. We went from a simple Word Press site to our own social media site using one of the latest technologies.  And we added a more sophisticated Word Press site to compliment the growing social media community of women who joined us.

But that wasn’t the dream. The destiny and purpose I had come to believe was ours – waited. Waited because the technology didn’t seem to be there.  The technology to build an online “mall-type” site that would give women owning a small business or a majority or equal partner in a small business the same opportunities the “big gals” have. Big in the sense of branding recognition.

As the years passed and we built the foundation for destiny; it became clear to me that my destiny and purpose is to women. Not just women in business; but women everywhere. Women we call “ordinarily extraordinary”. Ordinary only because they are not household names like Oprah, Gloria, Barbara or Sheryl. Extraordinary because they make the world go round! Women who for too long have had to stand in the shadows while others basked in the spotlight! Women who make a difference on a scale with which we can all identify – home, family, community!

And they are women with a purpose who dream large and wait for their destiny to arrive as well. . .

August, 2012: I found it!  I found the technology I believed would make it possible to build the online mall. Excited doesn’t begin to describe what I felt.  Finally, destiny would wait no longer!Blog 2 image

There’s something strange that happens when we move close to realizing our unique purpose in life. For women who are believers in the Christian tradition; you’ll know of what I speak. Others will have experienced it, yet perhaps not know how to label it.  We call it resistance! Akin to “Murphy’s Law”, it holds us back just when we remove the training wheels and hit the 10-speed!

Fast forward to May 2013: We downloaded the software and Glenn began turning it into the “mall” we desired. Then we put the call out for women interested in being on our “Alpha Team”.  They came on board, built their micro-site, gave us feedback and then life threw everything it had in our path!

I won’t go into the nitty-gritty of the past 12 months; but let’s just say if we wouldn’t have persevered; it would have been this past year. Forward 2 steps – 3 steps back.  Just when we thought all the barriers were gone; up popped a new one. Had we not been women (and man) of faith; we would have given up, laid down our mouse and gone home.  But the purpose of resistance is to test our mettle. Test our resolve. Will we see it through to the realization of destiny – of purpose?

And the most important lesson learned from the past year is that the bigger and more important the work; the greater and more intense the resistance! Jen (Sakowski), our Marketing Partner likes to call NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES “epic”. Why? Because each time we are neared the finish line . . . well you know!

Comes the time when perseverance wins out. That time is now. NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES is nearly ready. In fact, it’s quietly ‘live’. Much still to do to bring the basics to women. Women owning a small business. Women who are a majority or equal partner in a small business. Women looking for a way to achieve the success they have defined for themselves. Women who know that to be successful; we have to band together, form community, work together and support each other.

Destiny waits. And when the timing is right – it comes to pass. That time is now!



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P.S. “Destiny Isn’t A Place; It’s A Process” – Britton Brown

Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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