NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES ~ Destiny Arrives. . . describes “destiny” as follows: something that is to happen or has happened to a particular person or thing; lot or fortune.

In modern vernacular, we might say it’s her “lot in life”. Yet that gives the impression that we have little to no control over our “destiny”.  In reality we have a great deal of control, and can in fact ignore or totally walk from its reality! Fortunately I chose not to do so. . .

Let me pick up where I left off in the 2nd post of the series. August , 2012 was the realization that the technology was now available to build an online “mall-type” site for women in small business. Women often left in the shadows or in the wings by those who own large companies or are the Fortune something brands.  That my destiny is to ‘minister‘ to these women; it seemed perfectly logical to develop and launch a website that would give ‘ordinarily-extraordinary’ women the “fame” deserved!

So we began to move in that direction. The direction of destiny. But to do so required a great deal of strategic study and all that goes into building something designed to house maximum 30,000 women-owned shoppes (love the British spelling of the word!).

But life intervenes, and the Alpha test phase drug on and on and on. Life intervened for almost all of us as we strove to turn the dream into reality.  As I said yesterday; my experience is that when PAPA is doing a mighty work, we’ll encounter resistance. And the greater the resistance the more likely what is to be will be EPIC!  That understanding is what we’ve held onto as we struggled to get to the point we are today.

The point where destiny has arrived!

It’s behind the screen marked “down for maintenance” as Jennifer works to update, reload and test.  But I’ve had a sneak peak and it’s beautifully designed and elegantly simple. And it’s basic.

“Basic” is where all great web-works start. E-Bay, Etsy, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest didn’t start as a fully sophisticated site. Each of  them started with the basics and added the “bells and whistles” as they grew.  Folks have to get used to a new platform and learn as they go. On the other hand, the site owners have to know what their audience and members want.

Destiny – anyone’s destiny – is a 2-way street. My destiny has to interconnect with yours and vice-versa!AWILogo_v2

As a woman of deep faith, I was taught that ‘ministry’ is about religion. You know, you ‘minister’ if you’re clergy, work for a church or are an evangelist, etc. Yet nothing is further from the truth. ‘Ministry’ is what we’re called to do. It’s our “destiny” and it fits into the overall plan somewhere so that what we do intersects with what others do. . and everyone is enriched.

But again I digress. The point is that NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES is a ‘ministry’ to ordinarily-extraordinary women who own a small business or are a majority or equal partner in a small business.  It may not look like it to those who don’t understand – but in all its facets; that’s what it is! It’s women banding together for the benefit of each other. And when we do that; we all gain.

In fact, we all WIN!

I’ve marveled at my patience during the long arduous journey that began on my front porch that warm May day, 2006.  I’m astounded that those who have joined the team are patient as well. Our Alpha Team members are remarkable. They stay on board as they go about their everyday business and wait while we bring ‘destiny’ to life.  And I can never thank the corporate team enough for seeing the long dark days through to the sunny days of delivery!

It is like a “birth”. We carry babies for 9+ months expectantly awaiting the day of birth. Yet we don’t know what to expect if we’ve not birthed before. Suddenly the day arrives with the onset of labor.  The process may be long, tough and not without pain and a bit of suffering. Yet when the moment of birth arrives and a beautiful new born takes her or his first breath while wailing loudly; all that has gone before vanishes.

I believe that when NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES emerges from the womb of our patient work; takes its 1st breath of life and shouts its presence to women everywhere . . . all that has gone before will vanish.

Share our expectancy. Watch for the emergence of NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES. Then JOIN with us in CELEBRATING as it takes its first breath. . .



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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