My Success Depends on You!

My Success Depends on You!

You may scoff, but it’s true. Most of the world’s guru’s say so. If not directly, then they allude to it in much of their advice. 

We’re pretty self serving and desirous of our individual autonomy. In other words, most of us want to be independent and not have to rely on anyone else. We want to take control and when success arrives; we are more than willing to take all the credit ourselves.

As if success simply happens in a vacuum!

Everyone Is A Platform. . .

Each Thursday, a great e-letter from Rob Hatch, business partner with Chris Brogan (Owner Media, Inc.) arrives in my inbox. While I like what Chris writes each Sunday, I’m especially fond of what Rob posts. This morning was no exception. In fact, this morning’s piece serves as the “platform” for this AWI post.

“I’ve never liked the term self-made. As independent as I like to think I am, I know I have benefited from everyone I’ve worked with and learned from.”

Rob tells the story of when he was a fourth grade student and it came time for band night. He talks of how his father managed to make a down payment on a shiny new saxophone. Over the next several years, Rob says that every step of his journey with the expensive shiny saxophone involved learning ‘platforms’ provided by opportunities, experiences and caring individuals.

“Over the next four years, I continued to play. I wasn’t great. I wasn’t terrible either. I learned to read music. I learned how to practice. I learned how parts of a band combine and support each other. I learned to listen and follow the lead of the conductor. 

I performed in front of groups, competed in front of judges, and marched through our town in a parade.

Every single thing I learned, every opportunity, was given to me by someone or taught to me by someone. And each small accomplishment created a new platform from which I could step.”

The point Rob Hatch makes is the same point those of us involved with Affiliated Women International (AWI) makes as well! That’s the important fact that there is no such thing as the “self-made” man or woman! Each of us is given a “platform” from which to launch numerous times in our lives beginning when we are very young!

Call It What You Will. . .

We can call the need to band together for mutual success a “tribe”, a “community”, a “church”. Whatever we call it, the outcome ought be the same. To provide a “platform” for our success – and that of others.

We are made to “band together”. We are social beings. Written into our DNA is the desire to be in relationship with others. Nowhere is it more important to do so than in our professional/business life. Those of us who are Christian women in business or a profession ought be the most familiar with how important ‘banding together’ is. We come together in community to worship, to grow spiritually and to help each other grow as well.

But all too often, we are loathe to agree that being part of a tribe of like-minded women is an important ‘platform’ of business life. Loathe because we like the thought of having done it “all by myself!”

Come Succeed With Me!

Rob Hatch says his story helps him remember, “my past successes are not all mine, then my future accomplishments needn’t be either.”

His wisdom is truth. I can’t take full credit for that which has gone before. Nor can I take credit for those that will come in the future.

“It reminds me there are people all around us willing to answer a question, teach us a skill, or show us how to do something new and different. And that all of this is an opportunity and a platform we can build, together.”

Operative word: “together”, a platform we can build together.

Perhaps the best example of building a platform together is in these words from our AWI Boutiques facebook page:

“Wow! Did you know there are over 126 million women entrepreneurs around the world? Imagine how much we could all learn from – and give to – each other if we could connect! Well guess what? There is a place that let’s us do just that – Neighborhood Boutiques!”

So you see my success really does depend on you. Perhaps your success depends on me, and the many others with whom we join to build a platform together?

Let’s just do it!



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