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Yesterday I briefly talked about being “bold”. lion-1237446_640-featured-image11-09-2016I suggested that true boldness – the kind that doesn’t back down whether or no – may come once in a lifetime for many of us. When I shared the post with our Facebook group (The Neighborhood), a member and friend asked the following question: 

“Why only once?”

Interesting question that makes me dig a bit deeper into my own belief about boldness. Here’s what I discovered when I put the proverbial spade to thought. . .

1.  There is boldness – and then there’s BOLDness!

2. The “boldness” I experienced when much younger is not the same as I’ve experienced in succeeding seasons of life!

3. Some boldness occurs without conscious thought.

Example. . . when eldest daughter was in junior high, I came upon 2 girls of different races fighting outside the school. I stopped the car in the middle of the street, rushed past some pretty big boys of different races (and ethnicity) to stop it. When I returned to the car, I was shaking like a leaf. When I told my husband what I had done, he had a fit. Said I could have been beaten myself. Frankly, some would not call what I did “bold”; but insane at the least!

4.The “boldness” we experience at various life seasons is just as “real” and “true” as that which we experience at other seasons.

5. Boldness is different  for each woman. What I consider “bold” would be folly to another (see “example” above). Or perhaps nothing short of a miracle for another. We experience life from different perspectives!

6. The important note is not so much our “boldness”; but what we do with it. In fact, whether we even acknowledge it!

7. Finally, for us women in business around the world; taking the opportunity to be bold when the time comes for same is something we ought cultivate. The world of business is not an easy place to maneuver or manage. It can be cold, harsh and unyielding. Just entering it is often seen as an act of BOLD courage!

So my “thought” for the day is to seek opportunities to be BOLD. Real opportunities that offer substance and meaning to our lives – personal, professional and spiritual.

Then step into the ultimate act of courage by stepping into the BOLD. A BOLD which may hold more opportunities for greatness than we can possibly imagine!



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