'Lord of the Little Things'

‘Lord of the Little Things’ ~

It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been a believer and enjoyed a tight relationship with the Lord Jesus. We can still miss the subtleties He brings us each day; thus missing one of the delights of the relationship.

And missing the subtleties can be somewhat detrimental for us Christian business women who look for leadership from the Lord as we seek to bring glory to Him through our business life.

Tuesday’s Schedule Took My Breath Away!

I had one of those days filled with one appointment after another; most of which did not relate to each other.

After taking my friend to adult day care, I had an 11:30 appointment to discuss an item important to a local organization of which I am a part; then within the hour a trek from one end of town to the other to the facility we’re using for a June 21 event. Finally at 2:00 p.m. a very important call with my business associate crammed in while her kiddies nap. To complicate matters; I needed to do a fasting blood draw in time for the quarterly doctor’s appointments on Wednesday afternoon.

Fasting for most of the day was not something I was excited to do! And just writing Tuesday’s schedule takes my breath away. How would I fit it all in when the only other time for a fasting blood draw was early Wednesday morning which with friend’s health challenges is near to impossible.

I don’t recall if I verbally asked for the Lord to take over my day; but I certainly had the challenge on my mind as I considered how best to make it happen. Although I know that I don’t have to ask because He knows anyway; it always amazes me when I recognize He does know anyway. But that’s a blog for another day!

He truly is Lord of the little things. . .

A day in which I thought I could never accomplish it all, including a fast that lasted until well into the afternoon came together as smoothly as silk. Not only did I get to all appointments on time with plenty of time to do business as well as pleasant chit chat; but had ample time for the conference call with business associate with a bit of time to spare. That “bit of time to spare” was just enough time to break the fast once the lab gal drew my blood and sent me on my way.

As I stood at the kitchen table with some free time before picking up friend; I stated out loud. . . “Lord, you really are Lord of the little things in our lives!” And it occurred to me to jot the down for a blog title and record the events of the day so I could relate them to Christian business women who may miss the fact that PAPA God cares about every aspect of our lives. . . even the small stuff!

Lessons learned!

Some of what I learned. . .

  1. Us humans forget that the Lord of the universe is more than just a miracle worker who shows up when we need one of those grand moments we call “a miracle”. . . or “supernatural intervention”!
  2. If we will open our mind and spirit to the workings of His Spirit; we’ll discover that He is working in all aspects of our lives. . . especially what we consider the mundane, usual and customary.
  3. PAPA God cares about our businesses. He cares because when He has called us to them; He wants them to succeed and as much or more than we do. We can TRUST Him to intervene everyday – in every way we need.
  4. He knows our needs without us asking. Don’t get me wrong, He wants us to ask because He wants to have conversation with us. But just rolling our concerns over in our heads gets His attention and activates His involvement in the little things of our lives.
  5. Human minds tend to reach out and imagine that what is on our “To-Do” lists are a greater challenge than they truly are. At least that is something I do. In my mind’s eye, I thought there was no way I could fast until 3:00-3:30 in the afternoon. Nor did it occur to me that I would be done with an important call in time to get the blood draw taken care of on a day already filled with ‘crunch’. Needless to say, I greatly underestimated our Lord!

And that brings me to the last point. As Christian business women, we tend to underestimate the love our Heavenly Father has for each of us. And we don’t look for Him to invade our every day lives with His amazing management skills. Because of our humanity, we often miss those special moments when He’s doing what only He does best. . . Managing the little things in our daily lives!



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