"Living in the Zone!" ~ Women's Wednesday Wisdom

“Yes, Linda, now that’s what I call ‘being in the zone!”

“In the zone” is the mantra of a friend and former mentor who took a year of his life to personally guide me through a somewhat rough patch of business life. A highly successful business guru and consultant, Dave believes strongly that when we find our ‘groove’ or zone as he calls it; we will find the success we desire. A success that eludes us when we are not in sync with our energy and that of what many call the universe

As we approach another year’s celebration of the success our forefathers enjoyed soon after their arrival in the new world – a success largely owing to the Native Americans I might add; it feels important to me to share a bit of wisdom about successfind-your-inner-harmony-11-23-2016gratitude – catching the wind of our own zone and riding it to the success we desire

Just what is SUCCESS? It’s a word we bandy about with little attention paid to what it means. At least what it means to me – or you – personally. In fact, I don’t think any dictionary definition quite cuts it since the word can only be defined by you and me as it relates to our individual lives – professional and personal!

What is “success” to me may be anything but the same to you. And what we define as success often changes over the years and takes on a totally different shade and hue as we grow more ‘vintage’ in our years. I can certainly attest to this as a fact of life!

We often fail to succeed. Think about that phrase for a moment. “Failing to succeed!”  Could it be possible that in order to succeed in life, we must fail at some point? Or many points for that matter?

I recall a period of life when failure seemed all I knew. Many times during that period, the still small voice of PAPA whispered, “fail to succeed” as if the only success I would ever know was to fail at any venture in which I engaged! The truth is, what I perceived as failure held the seeds of future successes. I wouldn’t have realized it had I not failed in what I was attempting.

In fact, what I viewed as utter failure was actually success from PAPA’s perspective. While at the time, I begged to differ; the truth is there was more learning for the future of success in the apparent failures than if I had ‘succeeded’ from the get-go.

This recognition leads me to “gratitude.” Imagine trying to be grateful for ‘failing to succeed‘? It’s simply not in our human nature to be thankful for falling on our faces – especially if the world of our personal-professional universe is watching!

Yet the guru’s tell us that gratitude is an essential ingredient in the recipe for life success. Personal as well as professional success. At least success as each of us defines it for ourselves!

That means everything we encounter in the course of life is something for which we must exercise an attitude of gratitude if we want to turn travail into triumph. TWEET THIS

Gratitude appears to be a platform on which our individual and corporate success resides. And when we realize and welcome whatever comes our way; it may be the case that we have caught the wind of our personal zone.

Trust me, I can attest to the fact that when we have found our ‘zone’; we’ll know it. Know it because it’s a peace of mind, heart, soul and spirit for which no words can describe! It’s a feeling of success regardless of life circumstances at the time. Everything we imagine, believe and act upon falls into place as if by magical means. Yet there’s no magic about it. 

“In the Zone” is to accept outcomes with peaceful gratitude, recognizing that each outcome is one more step on the road to success. A road paved with triumphs over travails at every turn.

“In the Zone” is a  recognition in the marrow of our bones, that what we have imagined can be – will be! Regardless of what is happening in our outer world, our inner world is secure in the knowledge that the path we trod is the path intended – regardless of how rough and rock-strewn it may be.

“In the Zone” is the opposite of ‘what you see is what you get’. Instead it’s ‘what you envision is what will be!’ TWEET THIS

There’s no better time than Thanksgiving 2016 to seek membership in your personal zone. Search for it and let gratitude be your guide.

Find it and ride it’s inner energy to the success we most desire – however each of us defines success!



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