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Another one from our archives. This time from Spring, 2010. Life is strange as it comes in season after season. Interestingly enough, some seasons seem to repeat themselves every so often. That’s the theme of today’s post on unraveling life and extricating it from the seasons that are less than pleasant to experience! 

“I was struck by the wisdom & truth in a tweet stream quote this a.m. It seems we wake up one day & find that life has become very complicated. Twists & turns, nicks & crannies – where did they come from & how did we get here? I’ve always laughed at the thought of being a hermit who didn’t have to deal with anything but the four walls, eating & sleeping. But that has it’s decided disadvantages as well! The vast majority of us were not made for a hermitage!

The truth is we don’t get to “complicated” over night. And we won’t be able to unravel it all in one fell swoop. But the important part of the process is making the choice to start. Sort through every piece of our lives with  the eye of an investigative reporter to learn the what, why, where, when & how.  Sometimes, we even have to add a “who” in the mix.the-long-journey-back-10-21-2016

Taking on this task is not easy. Yet continuing to be blown about by every wind & whim is not easy either. Both situations can cause knots in the stomach & produce heartache.

A life unraveled can be the greatest pain we’ve ever known; but it can also (and most often is) be the greatest joy and sense of freedom we’ve known. Ultimately the choice is up to us – up to “me”.

So my encouragement for the day is to step back from the small chaos’s that dot our lives & see what we can live with & through. Then move to the more difficult to determine what we must set aside.

And remember. . . the endgame is not when the last kink has left our lives. The joy is in the journey as we see life move from battering winds to the calm and peace of an ocean breeze.

Much love to each of you in your day. If you think you might need to “unravel” a few things; look for the tiny string on which to pull & begin the journey,”



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