Know Before You Go! Really? For Christian Business Women

What Do I Mean By That?

Over the years that I have been blogging, I’ve posted how important it is for business women to “know before they go”. What I mean by that relates to the process we call “networking”. It’s important we know our business, our target market or markets, who we want to meet at a networking event. Heck, even why we’re going to this marketing event versus another one at the same time in a different location.

In this sense it’s important to know before we go. Or at least I always thought it was important. . .

The Older I Get. . .

Perhaps it’s my ‘vintage age’ that has somewhat changed my perspective. While I still believe there are some times when we need to have a firm idea of our what or why; I also recognize the advantage of going without a preconceived notion about much of anything except what motivates me to do what I do! What young ones might call just “hangin’ out”!

While chronological age may have nothing to do with it; I do believe that the more emotionally and mentally mature we become, the less likely we are to get our panties in an uproar if we don’t have all the answers . .

What’s The Benefit of “Hangin’ Out”?

The benefit is that we can be open to whatever is designed to come our way.

From a spiritual standpoint, if we have less of an agenda (a strict “know-before-we-go”); we’ll more likely catch the subtle nuances of great importance to us because we’re not looking to achieve a specific outcome. In fact, the outcome we receive may be more than we could ever hope for or imagine! Actually it may be something we never expected.

There’s something about PAPA God’s spiritual surprises that are amazingly amazing. They take us by pleasant surprise and we wonder why we never thought of this or that before. Most likely we never thought of it because quite frankly; we’re not supposed to. Our human imagination is still human. And PAPA God’s is supernatural!

What’s It Take to Just “Hang Out”?

It takes a lessening of our need to control. Ourselves, others and life’s outcomes. Especially the outcomes that relate to whether we believe ourselves successful in business. . . or not!

It takes a level of inner confidence and maturity because we have experienced the “know” and let it become a part of us. We have also had tastes of the pleasantry PAPA God whips up when we take our eyes off what we think is the prize and let Him surprise us with His prize.

A Personal Example. . .

Years ago I was asked to give the message at an area church on Sunday. It was my first experience of delivering the message and I sweat it because up to the moment I stepped to the pulpit, I didn’t have a clue what I was going to say. I had the Scripture which I picked and a general idea of the theme my words would take; but nothing to write down for notes. . . NOT ONE SYLLABLE!

It was sweaty palms and armpits time!

But once in the pulpit, with the last strains of the Gospel message fading away and the few words I had in mind eager to be spoken; I found words and phrases coming from my lips that I could never have imagined possible. I saw folks leaning in to listen and not a soul asleep. I said things most likely I wouldn’t have said if I had “known before I went”; but the message was exactly what the congregation needed (I know because most of them said so); and it was the confidence I needed to put such events totally in PAPA’s hand. I spent many Sunday’s for the next several years filling in for vacationing pastors and never once was I permitted to write down a single word. In fact, if I even thought about it, my mind went blank!

So What’s the Moral of the Story?

There’s no moral so to speak; but there is a message to take to heart.

In our Christian walk, as we grow more mature and savvy; we’ll know when it’s important to “know before we go”. And when it’s not. If I’m expected to deliver expert information; then I very well better know before I go.

And if I want to grow my business to the next level, it’s wise to have in mind and depths of our heart of hearts not just what we do; but why we do it. And we must be able to deliver that with passion and poise. And not necessarily in a 60 second sound bite!

But then again; there will be times when the reason for going is unclear. We might think we know; but then again we’re not sure. In fact, we might even think twice about going at all.

In such times; it’s best to “go”. “Knowing” can be described as an emotional and mental commitment to the possibility that the outcome will be just what we need about which we have no clue. And again, it might be that a person we encounter is someone we’ve been looking for but thought we’d never find.

So my encouragement for this post is to keep the ears of our spirit attuned to the Father’s Voice so that we know when we are to “know before we go”. But be open to those times when there’s no particular assurance as to “why”.

And then expect those times to be full of pleasant surprises about which you may chuckle all the way home!



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