Jesus and a Cell Phone!

Funny How Things Happen. . .

Funny how one thought leads to another and to another and so on and so forth! That’s what happened to me the morning I sat to write this week’s blog. Here’s how the story begins. . .

I have a dear friend of many years who is a very successful business man. He’s also a committed Christian who doesn’t wear his faith on his sleeve; but everyone knows him as such and also knows he is one of the most trustworthy folks you’ll ever meet! He is faithful daily and is someone whose spiritual guidance I covet! 

But this morning, as I was thinking about what to write. . . and how important customer service is in this day and age. . .  and how I might weave that into this week’s blog; I thought of my friend.

You see, we serve on a local committee that does most of it’s communication via smart phone  text. Sometimes via email; but mostly text because it’s so darn easy – and quick! 

But friend doesn’t have a cell phone; let alone one that is ‘smart’! I suspect he’s one of the only business persons I know who doesn’t have at least a flip phone. So when sending out committee communication, I must do everyone via email which may or may not get read in timely manner, if at all. Or I must send a text AND an email! An extra step that is less efficient than I’d like to be.

For some odd reason that only the Lord knows, customer service came to mind-followed by the need to get meeting info to the committee-followed by the reminder that doing so will require a 2-step process instead of one-followed by thought of friend and his not having a cell phone-let-alone-one-that-is-smart and whether his choosing not to have such a convenient tool is lack of consideration for those in his sphere of influence.

In other words; is friend’s desire to not own and operate one of the 21st Century’s most awesome tools a lack of Christian service to his customers, friends, family and those with whom he does much community service?! Which led to the intro to today’s blog post. . . “Would Jesus have a cell phone?”

Jesus and a cell phone!

In the world of business, great customer service must be the goal of every business woman seeking success! Even more so for a Christian woman who strives to follow the directives of the Lord as she goes about her daily business. And the success we crave is definitely hampered when we fail to meet our customer’s needs – as best we are able.

For instance, the simplest thing to do is to respond to a voice or email or other form of electronic communication within 24 hours – 48 at the most. Failure to do so may be read as “I am unimportant”. I’m fond of saying that unless one is dead or comatose; one should answer an electronic communication immediately if not sooner!

Well Would He?

Back to the question of whether Jesus would have a cell phone?

I believe He would have one. At least one at his disposal. Perhaps Peter, James or John would carry it  and answer on His behalf; but I believe He would definitely be up-to-date with the use of modern technology.

Why? Less for His own convenience than for that of His “customers”! The people who looked to Him for guidance, direction, inspiration, motivation, healing and truth about the Kingdom of God.

I could be a bit facetious with Jesus and a cell phone, but quality customer service is no laughing matter! If business success is to be real; then we must look at life from the customer or prospective customers perspective. And if I need to send you a message; then make it as easy for me to do so as possible.

It’s not about YOU. . . it’s about ME. As your customer or prospect!

Bad Things Happen!

Accidents we never anticipate. Changes of plans necessitated by life interventions that could not have been foreseen.

The late night flat tire on a darkened lonely stretch of highway. An overturned piece of farm equipment with no one in shouting distance or sight. A new business prospect waiting for you at an exceedingly important lunch date wondering why you are late arriving, while you are stuck in traffic a mile from her location. All not-so-nice life interruptions that can be avoided when we dare to be modern in our approach to business life and the business of life! 

Important Reminder from the Lord!

I suspect those of you reading this week’s post would not dare travel your business life without at least a flip phone. Much more I suspect you have a smart phone and can use it efficiently and effectively. But that’s not the ‘important reminder’ I think Jesus would leave with us.

The important matter for us as Christian business women is “It’s not about Me. . . It’s about You!It’s about service.

Service that makes life better for folks in your life now and those who will become a part of your life in the future. Most importantly, it’s about business success and life in general. When that’s properly in place, it’s also great for you!

Take note. . . 



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I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.


  1. Shelli Ginther on November 30, 2018 at 10:32 am

    Linda, as I was reading My Utmost For His Highest today, the last line which says that an individual life maybe of Priceless value to God’s purposes, I thought of you. Thank you for your continued faithfulness to fulfilling God’s purpose in your life

    • Linda S. Fitzgerald on November 30, 2018 at 1:19 pm

      Thank you Shelli. I pray that what I/we (Jen and me) do is fulfilling His purposes for our lives. If it’s adding value to Christian women’s lives; then it certainly falls into that category. Thanks so much for your caring support!



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