"It's the Small Stuff That Matters!" ~ Wednesday Wisdom

Again today, I’ve dug into our archives to find something special for today’s wisdom. I found the following which targets a very human trait that never eludes anyone. It’s the inclination to desire and chase after the BIG stuff. . . rather than celebrating that which is ordinary and somewhat mundane. As the opening line states; there’s something to be said. . . 

“There’s something to be said for “ordinary”. It seems us humans are always looking for the PHENOMENAL, FANTASTIC, OUTLANDISH! We’re always on the hunt for experiences in life that come in CAPITAL letters.

A recent post focused on the “ordinary” events of life that we often overlook. Overlook simply because they are ordinary. The post has been in the back of my mind since I read it.taking-care-of-business-10-26-2016

Life is mostly made up of ordinary events strung together by the “out of this world” blasts that come to us on occasion. We may rarely acknowledge the ‘small stuff’ but it’s what sets the stage for the goosebumps & chills that accompany the arrival of the “Big Stuff!”

Is there anything wrong with being ‘ordinary’? I mean aren’t most of us simply ‘ordinary’ women doing ordinary things most days?

Well, I won’t speak for you, but I can tell you that much of my days have been spent getting ordinary – mundane – things accomplished. Ordinary, mundane ‘things’ that set the stage & lay the groundwork for those AWESOME experiences that are bound to come.

I read articles about women who’ve arrived at the pinnacle of success in their chosen endeavors. I think “why isn’t that me?” Yet, if I’m daily performing tasks that must be done – I’m accomplishing what I’m supposed to be doing.

That dear friends, is SUCCESS! If at the close of the day, every item on my “to do” list is crossed off; I’ve achieved a level of success that will spur me on – no, propel me on – to what’s necessary to accomplish if I’m going to get where we need to be!

It just occurred to me, as I’m writing this that even the CEO of a major multi-national corporation, engages in the “ordinary” on a daily basis. She may have a staff to help her – but each of them are accomplishing the ordinary.

And she will experience the same thrill we do when the PHENOMENAL arrives at the door!

Thus my encouraging wisdom for the day is “don’t sweat the ordinary”. Be proud of the seemingly simple tasks you accomplish each day. Never, but never denigrate yourself because you’re name is not up in lights (yet!) or on the lips of everyone around you.

For the day will come, when all the ordinary ‘stuff’ you’ve strung together over time – will come knocking. Then throw open the door, break out in goosebumps & chills and welcome the AWESOME into your lives!

After all, ordinary women are absolutely EXTRA-ORDINARY because we don’t sweat the ordinary! Have an awesome day doing what you do BEST. . . the ordinary tasks that must be done!”



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