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As you may know,I try to do a blog post each Friday here at our website “home”; This week was no different. In fact, I had the title written early in the week based on a comment by an Olympic athlete overheard as the TV played in the background.

“Bombshell News!”

It was Wednesday when I returned to finish the post. Again the TV was in the background. Suddenly, the news alert was about a horrific school shooting in southeast Florida. Try as I would I could not even remember much of what the athlete said that peaked my interest and felt made for a good Friday post.

Are Christian Women in Business a Bit Different?

As Christian business women, we are perhaps more apt to feel events in the world more acutely than others. Not a judgment but an observation over the years. And in feeling them more acutely, we can be so aware and so impacted that our concentration wanes as emotions wash over us.

It’s Okay!

Let me say this about that. . . IT’S OKAY!
It’s okay if I didn’t finish the blog post for today. It’s okay that I feel the suffering pain of those who lost loved ones. It’s even okay that I wonder if someone had reached out to the killer when his only living parent died. . . if it might have been different. It’s okay to be angry, sad, grieved, confused and any other emotion that accompanies such horrific mind-numbing events.
And it’s okay to let business go for a day or two until we regain a sense of equilibrium as we turn our attention away from that which is truly “bombshell” news.
For perhaps the “business” of the day is to let our emotions guide us as we try to make sense of the senseless which permeates our world all too often these days.
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