"It's Okay – Really It Is!" ~ A Woman's Tuesday Topic

Another from our archives that is perfect – especially for this time of year. We are ending up ’16 and headed into ’17. As we look over our goals and objectives for this year, we may have fallen short of the mark. And falling short of the mark can be disappointing and disconcerting to say the least. 

But when someone comes along and compliments us; we tend to feel we’re not worthy of such confidence in our abilities. A “no confidence” self-vote for no reason than we failed to achieve the mark for which we set ourselves. The only person we disappointed is ourselves. In reality we have been seen in the eyes of others as above reproach and well worthy of kind complimentary words. However, our response is often as follows. . . 

“Ah Shucks, It Was Nothing. . . ” 

How often do we think or say something similar when others compliment us? Too often, I suspect.

Why is it that we quickly turn away the positive words of others when they genuinely want to tell us something of our “greatness”? Do we think it inappropriate to simply accept the truth about an aspect of ourselves? accept-your-greatnessOr have we been so conditioned to believe just the opposite that we can’t fathom another would actually experience something great about us?!

I’m not here to chastise this a.m. because I too suffer from the same “ailment” – the “ah shucks” routine! I too find it difficult to accept that there might be something “great” in me as well. So while I may simply say “thank you”: my inner thoughts are “don’t say that because I can’t accept it is so.”

I can’t think of a better day than TODAY, to turn over a new leaf. The truth is, there is greatness residing within each of us. We may not view it as such – may not even recognize it; but it’s there nonetheless. And hearing another speak it to us is just the “turn of the key in the ignition” to get us going in the right direction.

The direction of assuming our own greatness without pride, arrogance or hubris!

It’s okay to simply say “thank you” when complimented. That is unless we discern the one telling us is simply “smoozing” for their own benefit. That requires a different tact for another day’s post.

Here’s what I have found over the years. When others compliment us and we accept it openly & outwardly, it begins to take root within. We may not inwardly agree or even accept; but letting the words sink deep within us starts our engines revving in a new & remarkable way. Slowly & surely, we come to recognize those attributes which are a positive. A “positive” that benefits others.

So my Tuesday Topic for today is encouraging you to let the complimentary words flow. Let them sink deep within and begin to find rich soil in which to take root.

For to do so is to begin a true journey into your own GREATNESS that others already know & experience. No need to worry about pride, arrogance or hubris taking root as well. Simply the simple pleasure of gratitude for the kind words of others.

Have an awesome day seeking the joy of discovering your own GREATNESS among the other jewels which you wear so well!”



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