"It's Ministry, Isn't It?" ~ Women's Sunday Series

What if we wrote the word “Ministry” without a capital “M”? Would it take on a different meaning? Or at least would we view the whole concept of ministry differently?ctk06

In actuality, the way it’s intended to be viewed – and understood?

To prepare this piece, I looked up the word in Dictionary.comI thought I would find a section for the word as an adjective, or perhaps a verb. No. But I did find it as a noun. All in capital form and related to something “structured” and defined by government and/or religion.

This post was prompted by an impassioned statement from a colleague when I issued an equally impassioned comment about how I viewed an organization of which we are both aware. The statements represented two sides of the differing definition of ministry                 Thus today’s Sunday Series post! 

“God never made a distinction between sacred and secular. In fact, the Hebrew word avodah is the root word having the same meaning of “work” and “worship.” God sees our work as worship.

We have incorrectly elevated the role of the Christian vocational worker to be more holy and committed than the person who is serving outside in a more secular environment. Yet, the call to the secular marketplace is as important as any other calling. God has to have His people in every sphere of life. Otherwise, many would never come to know Him.”  The 7 Mountains lance-wallnau-teaching_mini

One of the best known advocates of what he calls “covert ministry” is Dr. Lance Wallnau.  I’ve had the privilege of sitting in several of his presentations and they are mind-blowing. That is if you’ve been raised in a traditional denominational system (and that includes Roman Catholicism) and taught by evangelical and pentecostal folks. 7 Mountains folks literally blow the lid off what religion has done to PAPA’s divinely organized world. They open up the word “ministry” and broaden our understanding of what PAPA means by ministry! 

Each of us is endowed with certain gifts, talents and a propensity to develop specific skills and abilities. And desires, yearnings, dreams, etc. are buried deep within us that I refer to as our “destiny”. Our destiny is not the specific desire, yearnings, etc., but is contained within. And we must cooperate with PAPA so we learn what it is. We have to discover our purpose. Come to terms with it and then be clarified as we focus on growing up in the Lord and let him build up what is already inside. Build it until it’s ready to go out into the place He wants to plant us and do the work for which we have been “destined”.

My dear friends – that is “ministry“. It may be as the best, fair and honest auto mechanic in your home community. Or it may be the most honest, knowledgeable, fair and equitable CPA in the county. Or it may be solving complex problems those in leadership can’t solve because they are not equipped by PAPA to do so because it’s not in their ministry tool bag. In fact, because it’s not their ministry!

For too long the religious organizations of the world, including those established and called “church” have sold us a bill of goods that when you are part of the official organization or paid by them to do such and such – you are in ministry! Anyone or anything outside is NOT in ministry.

Hogwash! That’s arrogance and pride of the worst kind. . . 

How dare someone in a church or religious organization judge they are in ministry because they are part of a church or organization – and I’m not because I’m not! I’m out in the marketplace doing what PAPA has called me to do. 

Here’s the bottom line. When we are doing things “God’s way”; we are doing Kingdom work. In fact, Lance says “The Kingdom of God is simply God’s way of doing things!” And if we’re doing the work for which PAPA has prepared us before we were born, trained us up and anointed us to perform; then that’s Kingdom work. 

And Kingdom work is ministrywherever it’s performed! Got it _ _ _ _ wherever it’s performed! The operative understanding is not the where, but the Who sent you and the why you are there!  

So what started this passionate word on ministry? Colleague used the following phrase, “but it’s my ministry” when I expressed a concern regarding an organization in which she has a leadership role! But in my mind, her part in leadership of our organization is already ministry. For no other reason than it’s what PAPA has called us to; and it’s His way of doing it!  marketplace-ministry

Yes, it’s known as marketplace ministry, but even that distinction separates something PAPA doesn’t want separated!

We’re in the marketplace – doing what PAPA has called us to do, the way He wants us to do it. That’s ministry ~ pure and simple!

I may continue to address this subject in the coming Sunday’s because it’s deep, wide and exceedingly important.

If you are a woman in the marketplace in any capacity and you know you are where PAPA wants you to be; then never let anyone infer or openly tell you you’re not in ministry.

The raw truth is – oh yes you are!



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Image Sources: WJARCMinistry Center, Lance Wallnau and Christian Faith at Work

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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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  1. Monica on July 20, 2015 at 7:24 pm

    Great post Linda…I love seeing the definition of Ministry being broadened, we all have God’s work to do in our own way.

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