It's About Time…Don't Delay…TakeChargeToday!!!!

Today’s a very special day…and you’re probably already aware, but just in case, allow me to announce… GO RED for Women!   It’s that one day out of the year where folks dress in the color ‘red’ to signify their support of this yearly event.

So what does this have to do with the subject of my blog series “It’s About Time”?  Simply everything!Go Red

I was actually planning to take this week’s post a different direction until yesterday.  I attended our local COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD MidTown gathering.  Our guest speaker, a wellness professional whose expertise is in the field of preventative care, spoke on the subject of heart disease, its warning signs and potential ways to lessen one’s risk for cardiovascular disease.

I was frankly astounded when I heard the statistics she shared…as well as some of the warning signs.  Just let me say, as someone who’s been promoting nature-based wellness for over twenty years, I got a wake-up call at that meeting!  I learned some new things…and was also reminded of a few that I had forgotten over the years.   And that’s exactly WHY I thought it exceedingly appropriate to make this the topic of today’s post.

With that in mind, I began to update myself a bit more and went straight to the American Heart Association for further research.  That’s where I met Chicago-based cardiologist, Annabelle Santos Volgman!  Well, not actually met her (obviously!) but feel that I made a heart (pardon the pun) connection.  Let me share a bit of her story…and why she not only wears red on the first Friday in February…but every day of the year!

You see, Annabelle is passionate about making women aware of the fact that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women and that it’s more deadly than all forms of cancer combined.  She shares that an estimated 43 million women in the United States are affected by this disease.  Because of her passion for helping women, she was asked back in 2000 by the AHA to co-chair a local fundraising event, focusing on women’s heart health which was the predecessor to the GO RED for Women initiative.

Not only do women have different heart disease than men, but often, women are misdiagnosed according to Dr. Volgman, and that’s why she’s on a mission to raise awareness.  “We need to change the way that doctors approach people who are difficult to diagnose”, she said.  “I’ve learned to recognize my own shortcomings and tell the patient, ‘I may need help figuring out what’s wrong with you.’”

Fully embracing the GO RED for Women mission, she even got permission from her hospital to paint her treatment rooms red…watching her wardrobe!   Now you know the REST of Annabelle’s story!

Here are some typical warning signs of heart attack risk:

1)  Back, neck or jaw pain

2)  Dizziness or lightheadedness

3)  Extreme fatigue or weakness

4)  Indigestion

5)  Nausea or vomiting without chest pain

6)  Shoulder pain

Now you know…and knowledge is power.  So don’t delay…now it’s your turn…and your TIME…to TakeChargeToday!!!!

Stay calm and go red

GO’ing RED for Women,





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