It's About Time…and No Time to Waste!!!

Tempus Fugit!!!  I’ve been waiting to say that all year! Oh wait, it’s only the third Friday in January…well, no matter…time is still fleeting!  Preparing for these blog posts certainly seems to come around quickly and I must say, I’m thoroughly enjoying the research I’m doing to bring value by helping you find more time in your day.No Time to Waste.2

I began this new series about TIME not only for you, the reader, but for myself.  I’ve been a student of effective time management for many years.  I believe this topic is of critical importance, especially for those who plan their our own time versus having a pre-set work schedule.  As I shared in my post last week, planning is key to success not only for life in general, but especially in business.  And then I talked about priorities.  I won’t take the time today to re-hash the post…check it out to see if you can glean some helpful hints.

What I want to bring to the “time table” in this post will, I trust, shed some light on ways to rid yourself of those pesky time-wasters…you know, those things that constantly tug at your eyes and ears…begging you to be pulled away from the tasks at hand!

What would you say is most likely one of the biggest time-wasters?  You guessed it!  Time spent checking emails…not just on laptops but what about those sweet little dings you get on your smartphone that “You’ve Got Mail”!  You do realize that you can turn that feature off, right?  Just about every time management expert I know suggests that you set very specific times to check emails…and some actually recommend you don’t do it first thing in the morning.  Now, I know what you’re thinking…how could I possibly NOT do that…what if I miss something really important!  All I’m suggesting is that you try to wean yourself from the feeling that you must be so attached…why not give it a try!

The next most common time-waster is fairly obvious as it’s also tied to technology…and that’s connection to all of the social media platforms.  That could be a real tough one!   For those of us whose business is actively tied to our engagement on these sites, I’m not suggesting it’s a time-waster…to the contrary!  It’s vital to the success of our businesses.  But for those who are not in that situation, it’s so easy to get distracted by taking a Facebook break, for example, and then realize that 15 minutes has turned into an hour!  Can anyone relate?  The challenge comes when it becomes a distraction rather than a necessity.

So what’s the answer?  It’s as simple as setting the alarm on your smartphone…try this one too and just see if it doesn’t make a huge difference in your day.

A third time-waster involves more direct communication…your phone ringing off the hook!   If you aren’t blessed to have an administrative assistant to handle those calls, then you probably will answer each and every one…or perhaps you’ve mastered the ability to monitor which ones you want to answer and those that can wait till a more convenient time.  I’ll admit, I’m still working on this one!

That’s all for this week…next time I’ll tackle a BIG one…so stay tuned!  In the meantime, remember… effectively managing your time is crucial to your health and wellbeing.  It’s important at the end of the day to be able to “close the store”, if you will.  When there’s so much tugging at us, I encourage you to begin to “unplug”, relax and enjoy the journey!






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