It's a Brand New Year…and It's About Time!!!

Alright…let me just jump right in and say it…I’ve been wanting to for some time now!   Thank God for 2015!!!

If you can relate, can I get a resounding “AMEN”?  There’s something so very refreshing and rejuvenating about turning the corner into a new year…but there are years and then…well, there are years…if you get my drift!Hourglass time image

Don’t know how your past year went but I can tell you that for me, it was a huge time of transition.  With my 100 yr. old father passing on December 27, 2013 we laid him to rest on New Year’s Eve.  That was followed early in 2014 with the decision to make a permanent move back to Indianapolis from southeast Indiana.   I was thrust into lots of business networking opportunities and reconnecting with folks I had known prior to moving away from the area five years prior.

One of the highlights of my year was helping to launch AWI’s COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD gatherings in the Indy area, with our first one in Carmel in January.  It’s been so exciting to see that original group flourish on a monthly basis along with new groups that have begun in other areas of the city.  I marvel at the goodness of the Lord as He has opened many doors to make a difference in the lives of women, both personally and professionally.

And then in September came the launch of NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES…so much more could be said about the powerhouse of that online resource for women…just suffice it to say that 2015 will be a stellar year…so watch for BIG things to come!

Why do I share those reflections?  Because all of this has taken…TIME!

Over the holidays, I’ve taken some much-needed reflection time and have been given some very clear direction on just how critical the topic of “TIME” is and its direct correlation with the success we experience in life…and thus my “WHY” for taking this journey with you.

Before I step into the real “meat” of this new series, I needed a bit of “ramp up” into the process.  That’s another reason I began premising in my Friday blog two weeks ago what my focus would be in 2015. There is so much I’ve experienced over the many years of being in business for myself, along with raising a family and all of the additional activities that are an integral part of what makes Jana “tick”.

Over these next several weeks this series will be devoted to different aspects of this topic of TIME, like “the ticking time bomb”…“make the most of your 24 hour day” …”your time investment bank”… “stop procrastinating and start living” and much more!

I would really value your input as well…if you have a particular issue related to TIME, please let me know and I will address it.  No doubt, you’re not the only one out there dealing with it!

Just know that we are in this thing called LIFE together…and as long as we’re living and breathing… we must MAKE time for what’s most important to us…because we’ll never have enough of it if we don’t!

Remember, NOW is the TIME…let’s make it grand!!!


Jana Denninger

I am a woman on a mission to be a world changer - one relationship at a time. I want to encourage, empower and equip others to live a life of balance and excellence whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, environmental or relational. Connect with me so together we can map a plan that works for you!

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