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The Attic Holds Treasures!

It has been another on of those weeks. The end came before the middle and now the end is near and I have no post prepared. I remember that I promised a great one about community and I’m not the least prepared. 

It seems yesterday was Monday, so today should be Tuesday, but it’s Thursday instead. Appointments every day and a meeting out of town today made doing a quality blog something of a chore. And about 3:00 today anxiety set in. 

Thank the Lord for archived social media. I call it the “attic”; the place where we keep our keepsakes for safe keeping; and where when push comes to shove, we find something of value to share with others. Share after its been hauled from a trunk, shaken, smoothed out and made presentable once again. 

I love the thought of pulling something from the attic that has all the richness I’m looking for even when that richness is a number of years old. Today it’s the richness of a 2014 conversation on the value of tribes, neighborhoods & communities. A conversation on tribes, neighborhoods and communities wouldn’t be rich or valuable without the guru of ‘tribes’. . . Seth Godin.

If you’ve never met Seth; then you are in for a treat. I encourage you to click on one of the links in the post below and get acquainted with one of the brightest minds to trod the stage of life. His wise observations about people and places is an astonishing eye-opener. I gasp out loud then I come across one of his simple truths that is so simple I wonder why I missed it before now!

So without further ado, I introduce the following thoughts on why us humans bond together in a tribe, neighborhood or community and the value of doing so. I also suggest why it might be a great idea to consider being part of the AWI online tribe once we have all the it’s pieces in place.

Perhaps knowing there’s a safe place in the world of the web where Christian business women can run when life gets crunchy is reason enough to consider same. . . 

I Found a Bright Man with a Funny Name. . . 

It was October, 2014; and I started out saying that Seth Godin is one of the world’s brightest, out of the box thinkers! Anyone who has read his many books knows this. Especially those of us who devoured a copy ofTribesshortly after it landed at Amazon. I found my copy in an airport bookstore while looking for something to occupy time on a long hop across the pond! It has more dogeared pages & scribbled margin notes than any other book in my library.

It was an eye-opening confirmation of the doggedly determined dream to do something of significance to enrich, encourage and empower women who will never be a household name (and don’t desire to be either). Women we call “ordinarily extraordinary women”. Women who make the world  go round even if the only folks who know so are them! Women who juggle more balls than a circus magician and nary drop even one!

“Tribes” is the concept of starting with an idea. An idea to create the momentum for change. (Ted Talk 2009).

Rather than digging in to develop, market and grow the idea alone; you share your idea with others.  Others who gather with you because they share a common passion for – and with – your idea. They want to come along with you, follow your lead and connect others to the idea. Before long you and the others have a following of like-minded folks who share the same enthusiasm for the idea you have. Seth calls it “A Tribe”.

You may be the tribal leader to whom others look for direction – but in reality, every member of your tribe leads others while following the wisdom of the entirety. It’s less about the idea than the connections being made. In fact, the “idea” soon becomes “making connections” around an idea that all are equally passionate about!

Modern technology makes building and participating in a “Tribe” easier than ever. While human tribes are eons of years old; the modern “tribe” is an outgrowth of the internet revolution!

Okay, so you’re with me up to this point. But you may be asking –  “what does Seth Godin’s “Tribes” have to do with AWI (Affiliated Women International), our concept of a Neighborhoods as community. My answer? Everything!

Tribes, a Neighborhood and a sense of community evoke certain warm memories. There’s a nostalgia in the words themselves. The thought of belonging to a tribe meets our basic human need to be included. To be special in some way. To be missed if we’re not there. To have a role to play that is as equally important to the whole as every other tribe member.

Being part of a “tribe” gives us a unique identity set apart by the very fact that we belong to something bigger than we are. Something significant in which we share common ground with like-minded others whose connection to us fulfills both our needs.

Just like an old-fashioned Neighborhood. The kind where everyone knows everyone else; cares for everyone else; looks after everyone else and comes together to cry, grieve, laugh and share life’s most celebratory moments. And for Christian neighborhood business women, it’s about sharing each other’s achievements and spreading the word so that others will as well!

Your tribe will not attract everyone; neither will mine. They are not intended or designed to do so. The AWI “Tribe” (Neighborhood or community) will not attract every Christian business woman. It isn’t intended or designed to do so.

Tribes, a Neighborhood or Community aren’t about numbers. They’re about an idea-a shared passion & a sense of belonging that bonds members together. TWEET THIS

And something about the connection produces significant change. Change that makes a difference!

Tribes, Neighborhoods, Communities. Descriptive words that mean much more than an organizational structure or business design.

Words that convey a sense of belonging that goes beyond the next lead or sale. Concepts that bind human beings together at our deepest level. Ideas that draw those who’ve been waiting for the next great idea to come. 

By whatever name – Godin calls them “Tribes”; we call them a Neighborhood-  they are one and the same. Vehicles of connection. Opportunities for change. 

That’s who we are – a “Tribe” or community of Christian business women uniquely linked together because of shared values. We share a desire to congregate together because we can learn from each other; grow together and enable each other’s growth, development and success. 

In a world where being Christian is becoming a challenge in many sectors of society; it’s good to know we have a safe place to which we can run when the going gets tough. And rest in the knowledge that being among others who love the Lord and seek to grow in wisdom and knowledge together is a blessing beyond measure!



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