It Only Takes One!

A Single Voice. . .

Fear not, this is not a political post. However, I was struck by an amazing thing that happened this past Monday night at a political rally in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The amazing happening prompted this blog about how one single voice can make a difference.

Amazing Grace!

Late into the evening, a woman fainted and the rally stopped while medical personnel tended to her needs. It took a long time to get her on a stretcher and move through the crowd. As the EMT’s raised the gurney for transport; a song began to ripple through the crowd. In the distance, one single voice began to sing “Amazing Grace”. Within a moment the entire audience joined in and the hall was filled with the strains of that old familiar hymn as it accompanied the woman and EMT’s from the hall.

Every Change Begins with One!

Throughout history, every great movement – every revolution for change (good or bad) began with one person. Although the identity of that one person may have been lost throughout the ages, their action or actions have not. History tends to remember much more accurately the persons who started movements that were not in the best interests of the masses; but when we dig a little we find the names of men and women who brought about change for the betterment of society in general.

It’s not my intent to go ‘digging’ for those persons in this post. It is my intent to stress the importance of being a woman whose voice begins something of value for others. Especially Christian business women who need support in the form of ongoing motivation, encouragement, and inspiration. Those of us who can learn from and be educated by those who have traveled the road a bit longer and are wiser for having done so.

Things Happen for a Reason. . .

Who would have thought that a fainting woman would lead to an arena full of political types breaking into a Christian hymn as she’s gently wheeled away? Someone in that audience was inspired by the Spirit to break into the introductory strains of a hymn most everyone would know.

A vicarious moment brought about by one person who let the Spirit lead  – stepping over fear, possible embarrassment and thoughts of every other possible negative outcome.

When we have entered into spiritual intimacy with the Lord and recognize how He works; in general and specifically with us individually, we’re more likely to recognize Missouri moments as divine intervention. And it only took one obedient person to let his or her voice rise to turn a raucous political event into a moment of worship fit for the Lord of Heaven and earth! Adding a hymn of thanksgiving for the health of woman, and the medical personnel who met her needs.

Called to be a Single Voice. . .

Three years ago this past summer, I attended a community-economic development workshop. At the last moment, I had a burning desire to stay home; but quenched the fire of that desire. When the event was over, two women and myself went to lunch. As we talked through the needs of our hometown community; I had a flash of heavenly inspiration. From the inspiration came a local community development group that is positively impacting and significantly influencing the future of the community.

I knew the inspiration had come ‘down the Heavenly pipeline’ as I’m fond of describing divinely inspired inspiration. I also felt I didn’t have the time to spearhead such a large undertaking. In fact I told the Lord that I didn’t have time! But as I contacted others; set up meetings, etc.; I found that everything fell into place as it was divinely designed to do. What I had said “yes” to happened and continues to do what it was designed to do! Because it was divinely inspired but needed someone to bring it about.

How Will You Answer the Following?

Important question. More important are your answers. . .

  • Are you willing to be a single voice when called to do so?
  • Will you step out of the line of similarity and the familiar to stand out and lead?
  • When the ‘heavenly download’ comes; will you say “okay”?
  • Or will you find a reason to discount the source of the download as just an interesting idea that has no merit or connection to the divine?
  • Will you think you’re not worthy of such a request; whatever that request may be?

I think I’ll leave you with the questions that only you can answer. But I encourage you to think long and hard before saying no to being the single voice that leads the crowd in familiar strains of an old hymn when the Spirit moves you to do so!



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