I Want To Move Mountains. . .

How about you? 

I want to move Heaven and Earth! How about you?

The source for this post came from a time of quiet with the Lord early this a.m. As I thought about something written by Neighborhood Boutiques member, Denise Cooper, PAPA impressed the following on my heart and mind~

Let’s move Heaven and Earth. Let’s move mountains.

I was astounded because the words were loud and clear – no background noise to distort or distract. The message was clear and fired my spirit.

Why not move heaven and earth? Why not move mountains on behalf of women in small and micro businesses? After all, are we not part of the family of God? Are we not deserving a place at the table of the earthly mighty? Don’t we deserve the same ‘spoils’ as those who run big businesses?

Aren’t the same rewards for hard diligent work laid up for us in high and mighty places?

The world says we don’t matter. After all, small and micro business women don’t shake the earth with our brands, products and services. Or do we?

Perhaps the better question we ought ask ourselves is : “Can We?”

Hardly anyone notices us as we strive daily to reach goals that seem out of reach. Or so it seems. Perhaps the difficulty is less what others think and much more what we think! If we’ve convinced ourselves that, in the grand scheme of things, we don’t matter – then we won’t.

For no other reason than we don’t put push comes to shove to move much of anything!

Women, have you noticed that when one drops the “n” from the word “heaven” – it spells HEAVE!  I didn’t until I rapidly wrote about this morning’s experience on our Facebook group and kept dropping the “n” from the word.

It jumped out at me and made me realize that the difference between “heaven and earth” may be a little “heave” applied to what we do with the earth beneath our feet!

What does it take to move heaven and earth? What does it take to move the mountains in our lives? It takes “heave”; but before a mighty “heave”, it takes much more. Here’s my thoughts on moving heaven and earth – and the mountains in our lives. . . mind_over_matter_quote

1. MIND over matter! We’ve heard this expression all our lives. My Momma said it all the time. When I wouldn’t clean my room; she’d say – “Linda, it’s mind over matter.”  In other words, I had to mentally decide the importance of a clean room in the grand scheme of life. Once I did so, cleaning my room while listening to favorite Saturday radio shows was a piece of cake!

We must set our minds to the things that matter. And the thing that matters most is our belief in ourselves as women. TWEET THIS

Then a belief that what we bring to the world matters. Perhaps we’re a solo-entrepreneur and believe we matter little in the stream of life and business.

Or it may be just a few interns, unpaid but eager to help and learn at the same time. Then it might be 1, 2 or 3 folks who’ve joined us in our endeavors as partners, adding their sweat equity to ours.

Whatever we bring to the world – we must determine it matters. That we matter! TWEET THIS

2. DETERMINED Pride! We must be proud of what we bring and take pride in it – no matter the size of the enterprise.

Have you thought of what you do as an enterprise? Whether you believe it or not – it is. For anything having to do with the world’s economy is an ‘enterprise’  – that without it, the world would be less than it is.

Women, when we are determined to be proud of what we add to the world – life in general as well as our investment in the world’s economy (oh yea); then mountains will move from our paths and others will see the value our vision offers.

STOP hiding your light under barrels of false humility; weighed down with doubt and unbelief! TWEET THISour-work-ripple-image-small

3. CAST Stones! Yes, cast stones in the water on behalf of yourself and others! 

Women, if you haven’t skipped rocks in some time; try it out. Watch what happens. Once that pebble skims the surface and plops in the water – ripples form. Ripples that spread up and downstream. Ripples as far as the eye can see – and beyond! 

The message is this: when we join hands with other women who share the same cut of the pie, and eat from each other’s hands – we ALL gain.  TWEET THIS

Women in small and micro businesses – give up the belief that to share on behalf of others is to lose something for ourselves. Nothing is further from the truth! Don’t link arms for neither of us will be able to cast a stone.

Instead, join hands – leaving one hand free to skip a stone, laughing together as it ripples far beyond what each of us can see! 

4. HEAVE all you do! It’s not just up to PAPA to move Heaven and Earth. It’s not just His alone to move mountains from our lives. We are co-creators of the lives we desire.

Women, think of how important we are to Him in bringing forth the vision given us! Without our heave, it might never come to pass.

If you pray about and for it, then know that it won’t happen without your full and complete cooperation in the process. Don’t pray – then just sit back and wait. 

Waiting is for when it’s His turn to move. . .and discernment will tell you when that is!

Women in small and micro businesses; I want to move mountains. I want to cooperate in the divine plan for our lives that will move Heaven and Earth. 

Will you join me?

On fire,


Linda S. Fitzgerald, Visionary Partner
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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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  1. Becky Meredith on April 9, 2015 at 7:17 am

    Linda, Truer words have never been spoken. I am up early for me, my step daughter called me accidentally. The house is quiet, just finishing my first cup of Java and catching up on emails. I love these blogs. My Mission in life is to help other ladies change theirs! And this hit me right between the eyes this morning. What am I doing today to make this happen.

    I am starting with my 6 most important things to do list which I didn’t make last night, and then setting out to complete them all and have a great day reaching out to others!

    We each have so much to offer to others, we just need to take advantage of the time God has given us to make it happen.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom today!

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