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I admit it. I am lost. In fact, I’ve been “lost” for a number of months. When I should have been focused on marketing our awesome online community for women in business worldwide at Affiliated Women International (AWI); my head was in another cloud on the other side of the business planet! there-comes-a-time-12-06-2016

Life has a way of intervening just when we think we have it all under control. And then there’s those special moments of the year in which being lost comes with the season. Any number of life events can thrust us from the mountain top to the valley below without a moment’s notice. Changes in health – physical, emotional or mental are certain life events that create a sense of loss. In fact, any change can throw us for the proverbial loop even if we believe change is for the best. 

All the above is more than enough reason to have found Chris Brogan’s Sunday letter to subscribers a breath of fresh air for several reason: 

  1. It’s honest and open admission of loss rather than an attempt to hide it. . . 
  2. Putting to good use a feeling that many find negative or downright disgusting. . . 
  3. Advice us women in business can use anytime, regardless of how we’re feeling or the season of life in which we find ourselves. . . 

Without further ado, here’s Chris’ letter for all to take to heart and apply as needed. . . 

Hi Linda- 
People never like to admit their weaknesses. It’s like we all want the rest of the world to feel like we’re on top of everything at all times, like we never mess up, like we never feel lost. But the truth is, everyone I know – everyone – feels lost or defeated or wrong or stupid at some point. What do you do when that happens? 
First, realize that this time of year can bring on depression for some. It does for me, like clockwork. I fight against it but it’s there in some form. I just no longer let it define me. If depression has you feeling lost, I’ve written up ideas on that for you. But there are other ways you can feel like nothing makes sense.
When You Feel Lost
“I don’t know what to do next” or “Nothing’s working” or “What do they WANT?” 
Do those phrases match how you’re feeling? Sometimes, trying to reach the people we hope to help is frustrating. You might hear from people ‘Great stuff,’ and ‘This is exactly what I need,’ but then nothing else happens. That frustration of saying “Hey, here’s what I sell” and hearing crickets come back hits lots of us pretty hard. 
How do you get back in alignment with people so that you can serve them? 
Two Points and Movement
A few weeks ago, I repeated the phrase “movement is life.” I want to say it again to you. Movement is life. 
When you’re lost, take stock of where you are. What’s going on? What are your surroundings? What are you doing at the moment? That’s Point A. 
List out (like literally get a piece of paper and write this down) where you want to be and what that looks like. “When I’m where I want to be, it will look like this…” That’s Point B. 
Once you have both points, list out what it’ll take to get there. Guess if you have to. But think of concrete actions, not hopes and wishes. Actions you can take. MOVEMENT you can make. 
I’ll tell you my example from my own life and business. 
Point A – serving some Insiders, getting some Unlimited buyers, and some a la carte course buyers. Some consulting clients. A few speeches.
Point B – 300 Insiders (ultimately 1000), 500 Unlimited members, 15 speeches a year. 
Now, and this is the important step, the movement. 
Movement/Actions – Build out a map of a year’s experience on Insider (done). Explain it better. Interview successful Insiders as examples. Shoot new speaking video for the new speeches. ..etc. 
You Are Your Rescuer
The biggest detail I learned from dealing with my own depression is that it’s up to me to get myself out of it. The same is true with my business challenges. No one is coming to save me. It’s my job. 
It’s your job. 
You are your rescuer. You are the hero who helps you become found. You are the guru that you seek. 
I believe in you. I know you can find your way through. You’ve done some really cool things before and there’s plenty of road ahead for you to do more. Do the exercise today. Do Point A/Point B and Movement. Please? 

Hope you found this helpful – even uplifting! Take his wisdom and advice to heart for the next time life intervenes!



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  1. Susan Sparks on December 6, 2016 at 9:32 am

    A great reminder – hope things are back on the smooth track for you soon Linda.

    • Linda S. Fitzgerald on December 7, 2016 at 10:24 am

      Thanks much Susan! Actually things are as they are meant to be. But so many folks come to the end of the year feeling lost because they don’t believe they accomplished what they could have – or should have (darn those shoulds). I just found Brogan’s genuine admission something worth following up on for us all!.



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