I Didn't Have A Clue, Then Suddenly. . .

“I Didn’t Have A Clue!”

I had one of those moments when the pressure of time was upon me and I didn’t have a clue what to write. I needed the wisdom and advice of friends who could kick-start my mind as well as give a swift kick in the arse. The more I struggled, the more frantic I became. It was a vicious cycle of brain-wracking only to be interrupted by someone who needed something from me – right NOW!

Surely you must have those moments too?

The Crunch. . .

Each Friday I write a post for our corporate blog. Most weeks some inspiration comes early in the week so I can work on the post during the few quiet hours that remain. But this week is different.

It’s Thursday. Laptop has been moved to the kitchen due to renovation in the office part of our house. Workmen are back and forth between outside and the work space which takes them right by my side as I seek some sort of inspiration.

Friend and I share our home together and he has slowly advancing dementia. It’s much like having a child who needs to know what to do next. The great part of summer/fall is that the baseball games on TV keep him occupied most days. But, guess what? Today the game is only on the radio!

So here I set with nary an inspirational thought; wonderful workmen tracking back and forth past my chair and the radio blaring behind me. Hardly the most desirable environment in which to write something inspirational – let alone creative and valuable!

The Value of Others. . .

This is one of those times when I wish I could turn to others in a community of Christian women who know exactly what I’m dealing with. Not only know but have been there as well. I feel certain they would be just the resource I need to get through the time crunch.

In fact, I might just find one of them willing and ready to take ‘Friday post duty’ much to my heartfelt gratitude.

The value of others is found not just in moments like the one I’m facing at the moment. Friendship sustains us when life brings the unexpected – both pleasant and not so pleasant.

Life’s ‘Harvey’ Moments. . .

This past week, folks in southeastern Texas have been hit with a most devastating storm, Hurricane Harvey, and horrific flooding in its aftermath. Certainly one of life’s not so pleasant moments. Many folks will be a long time returning home and then may not have a home once they arrive. Others have lost everything and will have to start over in life with major support and help from local, state and federal assistance.

Life will never be the same again.

I have a momentarily unpleasant blip on my life’s radar screen. The Texas folks have lost the radar screen altogether!

It Takes A Community!

Life moments like Harvey reveal our true character.

Some took to the flooded streets to loot what they could with little care for those seeking rescue from the rising waters. Others traveled across state lines with boat in tow to join the heroes already working the waterways rescuing everyone they could find.

And folks who might otherwise not know their neighbor’s names suddenly turn up to pull them to safety with no care as to race, creed or gender identity!

What we call the southeastern Texas “community” quickly turned to authentic community because that’s the innate quality PAPA God planted in the heart and soul of each human being.

When the chips are down, people come together to do what is sheer human goodness without regard for the differences we might otherwise recognize.

When the waters are rising, the differences we might otherwise recognize float from view!

Strange How Things Come To Pass. . .

When I started this post, I had no thought of the horrible situation in Texas. I was only focused on my own stressors. Stressors that can’t hold a candle to that of those sleeping on a cot in the middle of an overflowing convention center who may be wondering if God has forsaken them!

It’s so easy to get caught up in our own stressful life situations, giving no thought to what others may be experiencing. And it’s easy to think that we’re all alone in the midst of our personal “crunch times”.

We aren’t alone. And we aren’t meant to be alone. We are meant to be in the company of others. That’s why friendship and a community of like-minded folks gives us a frame of reference on life’s strange moments. They rescue us from rising self-centeredness, as well as rising flood waters.

So What’s Next?

What’s next for me is a note to self: next time I haven’t a clue and am stressed by the crunch of time and the noisy life about me; I will turn to those I call “friend” and seek their wisdom, advice, and. . . yes even ask them to take the weekly blog post . . .

And then I’ll remember that somewhere in the world, someone is dealing with tragedy and heartache. I’ll shake off an attitude of self-centeredness and pray for those whose lives are drowning in floods of disappointment, depression and despair!

What Will You Do?



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