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Nothing is ever lost. It just disappears from sight, but remains in the universe somewhere to be used over and over again. In this case, it’s the “universe” of postings I’ve kept for at least 9 years ago!

Once upon a time, I did something called the “Daily Dose”. Short pithy and oftentimes pointed daily posts designed to encourage, inspire, motivate and sometimes educate women. Women in general; but specifically women in business. It seems life can be less than pleasant and sometimes downright ugly for those of us in the public arena.

Today I dug into the AWI archives to find something that seems appropriate for Tuesday, October 18, 2016. A time when anything but authenticity and sincerity are the norm of the times. So here’s a few more words on the DAILY DOSE from 5/18/2010. . .

The best attribute of an empowered woman is her authenticity. She may not be the ‘original’ she once was, but is definitely the “real deal” now. TWEET THIS  an-authentic-woman

If you think you haven’t achieved a level of authenticity in any area of life; I suspect you are wrong! The fact that you reside in the virtual landscape we call THE CONNECTION STATION is a sign that you value yourself as a “real deal”. Take that knowledge and conviction with you wherever you go today. It will serve you well! Wishing you authentic encounters this day.” .

The “CONNECTION STATION” was our former social media community residing on Ning software. It was a true community of more than 900 women. It’s where our Marketing Partner, Jen Sakowski and I first met. And many of the Station women are still friends after many years and multiple internet changes. Everywhere we went – they went too!

But that’s not the topic I want to talk about today. Just as “authenticity” was a hot topic in 2010; it’s so again today. In fact, it’s always a “hot topic” especially when the rest of the world appears to be anything but authentic.

Authenticity and it’s sister words, “sincere” and “genuine” are nothing more than what psychologists call “congruence”. What you see on the outside is the same as what’s on the inside. In other words, I’ve chosen to remove the mask and live from my inner being. Yet so many folks, male and female refuse to let the world see who they really are. Truth is, they don’t know who they really are. They don’t have a clue about their genuine self because they’ve never ventured to learn who they are at the core.

It’s true that it takes courage to go deep into our inner knowing to truly know ourselves – and know ourselves well. Well enough to be comfortable revealing same to a world waiting to connect and interact with us. A world that might reject our truth if it were revealed to them!

Yet the world longs for authentic persons. Folks we can trust to be sincere and genuine in all of their connections and interactions with us.

Here’s some things authenticity demands of us:

  1. COURAGE ~ not that we don’t have some fear of being rejected when we are authentic, but that we take the risk because to not do isn’t who we are. . .
  2. PEACE ~ the peace that comes from being comfortable in our own skin as the old saying goes. There’s peace in such comfort because we don’t have to be someone we aren’t just to gain the approval of folks who fail to be authentic, genuine and sincere with us. . .
  3. MENTAL TOUGHNESS ~ There will always be those who don’t like who we are. They wouldn’t like who we are if we kept the persona mask on. While we grow, change and mature into our authentic selves, it still hurts when others let us know they don’t like us. So we must gain a tough mental attitude that remains tenderhearted. Tender with others. And especially tender with ourselves. . .
  4. DOGGED DETERMINATION ~ Discovering our authentic self is one thing; but remaining true to it through life seasons is another. It’s oh so easy to slip back into insincerity simply because it’s easier. Especially when we’re new at the authenticity shtick. If we’re devoted to the belief that authenticity is ultimate the best road to travel; then we’ll have to rededicate ourselves to it time and time again. . .

Courage, peace, mental toughness and dogged determination are just a few of the things authenticity will ask of us throughout our lives. But they are the essentials about which we must consistently commit if we are to be an authentic woman. Authentic as much of the time as humanly possible.


a. are you ready to be an authentic woman?

b. can you readily commit to learning who you are at the center of your being?

c. can you take courage, peace (comfort in your own skin), mental toughness and determination to the next level and live there over the seasons of your life?

If you’re answer is “YES” to the above- awesome! As I said before, I wish you authentic encounters today. . . and every day of the rest of your lives!



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