From Jana's Desk…"We've Only Just Begun!"

It’s Friday… hard to believe how quickly this “official” work week has flown by…I saw “official” because those of us who are of the entrepreneurial persuasion know that it’s rarely an ‘8 to 5’ deal, Monday through Friday only!  Somehow, more often than not for me at least, business tends to leak into my weekend as well.

As a healthy life balance coach/mentor, this is especially challenging, as it’s important for me to “walk my talk”…it’s about credibility and integrity.  One of the greatest lessons  I’ve learned is that it’s vital to be flexible.  In fact, I have a personal mantra that states, “Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape”!  Can you relate?Blessed are the Flexible

I lived for several years (more than half my life in fact) in a relationship that was extremely rigid and controlling.  When I had the courage to step away and begin to breathe…really breathe…outside that box, what a relief…how emotionally freeing.  What I’ve had to guard against, though, is not becoming the polar opposite…meaning, no boundaries, less self-discipline, regular routine.   It’s taken me a few years to adjust to the change and also discover the Jana who God has created me to be…and what a journey it has become.

Being a partner with Linda and Jen in Affiliated Women Int’l. and NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES is an integral part of that Master Plan.  With our Grand Opening on Monday, we’ve begun a new chapter and have definitely stepped into the next level of our mission to equip and empower women worldwide!

It’s so incredible when a plan comes together…much “blood, sweat and tears”…and yes, a lot of laughter too…has brought us to where we are today.

Personally, I’m a woman on a mission to be a world-changer.  My desire is to make a significant impact on the lives of women who are committed to living life with purpose and intention.  I want to be a role model and change agent and live a life that will be a lasting legacy as a woman of excellence in every area of my life..that’s what being an authentic WELL Woman is all about.

We are so very excited to have you joining us in our mission at NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES.  Get ready for a journey to excellence…as the song says, “We’ve Only Just Begun”!!!

Jana Denninger – Neighborhood Development Partner

Jana Denninger

I am a woman on a mission to be a world changer - one relationship at a time. I want to encourage, empower and equip others to live a life of balance and excellence whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, environmental or relational. Connect with me so together we can map a plan that works for you!

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