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I’m a woman on a mission!  You may have heard me say that before if you’ve been following the blog posts I’ve been writing for several months now.  I’m so serious about that statement.  I know I have a destiny and a purpose on this earth…and it’s to encourage and equip women to be excellent in all areas of life.  That’s one of the reasons I’m keenly aware that part of my destiny is teaming up with Linda and Jen to bring Affiliated Women’s NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES to fruition…and to flourish!

We want you to come along with us on this mission.  We believe it will forever change and enhance the lives of women across the globe.  That’s why we’re so passionate about what’s happening and we know the future is very bright.Women on a Mission Final Color Logo pic

If you’ve never developed a personal mission statement, I urge you to invest some quality time in doing so.  Just to give you an idea, I’ll share mine now.  I want to be a woman of excellence in every area of my life – spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, and relationally – and to be a role model for others to follow.   Sound like a “tall order”?  Probably!  I so appreciate the quote by George Eliot who said, “No one rises to low expectations”!

I’ll be sharing more about living a life of excellence and how that in future Friday posts.  Today I’m beginning that series with my Twelve Steps to Excellence as an overview:

Step 1:  DECIDE – To make a change in your life.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Step 2:  DETERMINE – In your heart that this decision is for a lifetime.

Step 3:  DEPEND –  On total surrender of anything that would hinder your decision to make this change.

Step 4:  DEFINE –  Your goals, making sure they are reasonable and attainable.

Step 5:  DELIGHT – Yourself in the Lord, who gives you the power to make the change.

Step 6:  DEFEAT –  All negativity that would try to hold you back or seek to sabotage your decision.

Step 7:  DEDICATE –  Yourself to a disciplined, one day a time, walk with God.

Step 8:  DEVOTIONS –  Daily prioritizing a specific time to reflect on God’s goodness.

Step 9:  DESTROY –  Your old, ineffective thought patterns.

Step 10: DARE –  To believe that you can and will be victorious in your pursuit of excellence.

Step 11: DOCUMENT –  Your progress by journaling because progress measured is progress improved!

Step 12: DUPLICATE –  Share your decision with someone, encouraging them to join you on this journey to excellence!mission image

There you have it!  These “Dynamic D’s” have been a guideline for me personally and for others I’ve mentored.  I encourage you to take some time to reflect on them for yourself.  It could very well be the beginning of an upgrade in your life!

Pursuing excellence,



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Jana Denninger

I am a woman on a mission to be a world changer - one relationship at a time. I want to encourage, empower and equip others to live a life of balance and excellence whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, environmental or relational. Connect with me so together we can map a plan that works for you!

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