From Jana's Desk…It's About Time!!!

TIME…that’s the next topic I’ve chosen for my new blog series.  Instead of waiting until the New Year I decided to “kick start” the discussion a couple of weeks early…that way we’ll have a jump on sharing what’s critically important about TIME!Now clock

The inspiration for this series came from a Facebook post a few days ago by friend and health coach, Jenny Spiezale Parkes, who happens to be an active part of our local COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD gatherings.  She also has a local weekly radio show and is committed, as I am, to help folks living healthier, more vibrant lives.

When I read her post and saw the image connected with it (the one included here, by the way), it struck a cord and I knew the direction I must take in this blog series.  So, here goes… with Jenny’s permission, here’s what she posted on her timeline…see if it resonates with you too!

“You can look at this two ways: (referring to the NOW clock)

  1. It can reflect the demands of your life, causing angst and anxiety as you perpetuate the future outcomes about all you have to do and how will you ever get it all done.
    2. It can reflect the power to be found in knowing that now is the only real time there is, and it is the only real time to enjoy, love, create, live, and just be, with no attachment to the outcomes because you’re not in control anyway, even when you’re controlling.

It’s a choice. I choose #2.”    Just for the record, I’ve chosen #2 as well!

Bottom line…each of us has the same 24 hours in each day.  In a perfect world…the ideal balance of that time “allotment” would be divided into three primary segments:  8 hours of work – 8 hours of sleep – 8 hours of “everything you need to accomplish between working and sleeping!!!

Remember…I said a perfect world and we know that it would be incredibly awesome to live a life of perfect balance, wouldn’t itWhat I’m proposing is a plan  to create MORE time in your day.  I’ll be bringing helpful tips and supportive information to let you know that it really is NOT a pipedream.  Will it take some concerted effort on your part, assuming that this topic of living a healthier,balanced lifetstyle is something of value to you? Indeed…but the great news is, you have partners supporting your decision here at NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES!women supporting women image

We are on a mission to enrich, encourage, empower and equip women to grow and flourish, both personally and professionally.  From personal experience and mentoring many women entrepreneurs, I know it’s a topic that needs to be addressed.  I trust what is shared over these next several weeks will be uplifting and make a positive difference in your life.

And let me say, since by this time next Friday, December 25th will have come and gone…a very blessed and Merry Christmas!

Till Next Time,


Jana Denninger

I am a woman on a mission to be a world changer - one relationship at a time. I want to encourage, empower and equip others to live a life of balance and excellence whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, environmental or relational. Connect with me so together we can map a plan that works for you!

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