From Jana's Desk…Christmas is coming….Don't be a Humbug!

Catchy title, eh?  I was hoping it would grab your attention!   What on earth would that have to do with being a woman in business, let alone the “business” of life?  Sounds like something out of a Dickens novel…and how right you would be!

For several years, our church in Fort Wayne during the Christmas season produced a musical entitled, “The Gospel According to Scrooge” with a by-line that read…”with a Dickens of a twist”!  And indeed it did…have a twist or two.  It was such a delightful musical that when my family moved to south Texas “fer a spell”, we decided to produce, direct and act in “Scrooge” at our church in San Antonio.  Imagine, will you, a group of folks who were an ethnic mixture of Hispanic and south Texans speaking with a (mostly) proper British accent..that alone was quite No Bah Humbugsentertaining in itself!

Now, I would assume that you’re somewhat familiar with the original tale about the old crotchety miser, Ebenezer Scrooge.  His family had fallen upon hard times when he was a youngster and he decided long ago that he could “do it on his own” and didn’t need anyone (especially a God whom he felt had abandoned him).   His heart became hardened.  A sad story indeed…at least in the beginning, but lo and behold three angels (yes, indeed!) of past, present and future came to Ebenezer in the middle of the night to show him the error of his ways.

The great news was that in the end he made a decision to change and become a whole new man…it’s really a beautiful story of redemption.  And how that decision he made not only changed his own life but a whole lot of other lives for the better.  Think about it…Bob Cratchit didn’t have to work such long hours…even was able to be with his family on Christmas day!  Tiny Tim could now be like other boys and girls because his parents could afford the surgery needed for him to be able to walk without that cane!   Scrooge began to lavish his newfound generosity on just about everyone he came in contact with, in fact!  And all of that brought untold joy and peace to him for the remainder of his life.

It’s such an amazing example of the transforming power available to each of us if we are willing to let go of the past, trust in the One who created us and and wants us to be WELL in every way, and truly believe that we have a future and a hope.  So If you’ve been feeling a bit “crotchety” lately or just perplexed about what the future holds, know that God is in control…He’s only a prayer away!



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