"Forgive Me, For I Have Failed" ~ Women and Micro-Business

Why is it that many entrepreneurs fail to succeed?  Have I failed to Succeed-

We start up with high expectations and the rush of adrenaline that something new brings to the human spirit. Our hopes exceed our preparedness and eager anticipation gives way to doubt, fear and downright desolation when anticipated results don’t live up to expectations. 

Could failure have been foreseen? Better still could it have been forestalled? Could we have planned better; sought advice and wisdom from those who tread the boards ahead of us? What if we had taken a bit longer to test and re-test. What if we had looked down the long tube to anticipate how to handle the challenges that were bound to come?

All the “could, should and what ifs” aside; the bottom line is. . . we failed to make the grade. 

Truth is, it doesn’t have to be this way. And if our business attempt(s) take a turn to the south; we don’t have to give up altogether. Simply regroup; assess (and assess again with the input of friends and wise associates) before leaping forth again.

This post began last week when thinking about some conversations I’d been having with women in micro-businesses – both in and outside our organization. What I heard was food for thought and fodder for a blog post – or two. And each snippet brought forth thoughts on how failure creeps in when we aren’t looking. Or aren’t aware of how failure can even look like success. Look like it if all we’re looking for is the monetary reward. While monetary reward is necessary; it isn’t the only measure of success. 

In fact, monetary reward is often the opposite of success when we defer to it as the better course of action vs the best course of action! TWEET THIS.

So without further ado – let me set out my thoughts on what holds us as women in micro-business back from attaining the success we desire. That which may also lead to the demise of our cherished hopes and dreams:

1. REFUSING RISK ~ If we are risk adverse, we’ll stay in our comfort zone for the entirety of our lives. We’ll look about, see the first discouraging or fearful thing on the horizon and pull our heads back in the box we have made for ourselves. A box others may have put us in; but we’ve made it our own!

Why do women do this? The reasons are as plentiful as the women who do it. Usually it stems to childhood experiences which have stuck to us like glue and we refuse to deal with them in a mature adult manner. Easy to live with the fantasy that to step from safety into the unknown is too great a risk. The reality is – that without a healthy dose of the exhilarating trepidation that stepping into unfamiliar territory does for the human spirit – we may make a million bucks in 12 months; but that’s all we’ll have made!

No judgment; just an observation that if the million bucks is the be all-end all; then go for it. But success may be much more than that in terms of personal and spiritual growth well beyond the fact that I’ve never seen a Brink’s truck in a funeral procession! And when the 1 mil is attained? What then. . .

Bottom line: To insist something is well outside our skill set, when nothing is further from the truth, and refuse to even try – is failure. TWEET THIS

2. REFUSING DISTRACTIONS ~ wrapped up in the momentYea yea, I know, laser focus! If you want to accomplish those lofty goals in a short time frame, you gotta give up all distractions. Grab the blinders that hide everything but what we must focus on and never let anything intrude or interfere. That’s the sage advice of the guru’s who take more vacations on some exotic beach than most of us take trips to the potty in one day.  

It’s not my intent to persuade women in micro-business to refuse the laser-focus approach to goal accomplishment. And equally it’s not my intent to downgrade goals that include piling up the big bucks. What I am suggesting is that we can overdo any good thing to the extent that it’s no longer good – for us or our business!

Distractions have their place in our day to day business life. Especially those of a personal and spiritual nature. I recall giving a parabolic message when in Parables and Preaching class at CTS. The gist of it was that the too busy and laser-focused professor snapped at his young child when she interrupted him before bedtime.

When he raised his voice and demanded “what do you want now?”, she responded with quivering lip “I just want to say good night and I love you, Daddy!”

In the grand scheme of things which was the most important task at hand? You answer this one for yourselves!

One of the things I learned the hard way is that often times when we’re searching for answers that continually elude us; they are to be found in the very distractions we keep pushing away. . .

3. WHEN YOU REACH THE GOAL, WHAT THEN ~ What NowSo you give up all opportunities to step from your comfort zone pleading a need to laser focus in order to achieve some lofty monetary goal (or whatever goal it is for which you give up all else). And you reach it. In the time frame you set out. Awesome!  

What then? After the confetti, champagne and accompanying hoopla – what next big thing will you lay on your “laser-focused to-do list”?

The “halo-effect” lasts only so long and then the other side of the bell-shaped curve looses its shape. The emotional high fades and usually we’re searching around for the next big thing that will repeat the process so that when we achieve it – we can begin it all over again! Makes me tired just to think of it!

For your consideration, may I suggest you let go of reins-held-too-tightly and consider that life is a process; not a destination. Then set out on a process less-tightly-controlled and enjoy the bumps, lumps and laughs along the way.

You just might find that such is how you spell S.U.C.C.E.S.S.



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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