Fire In The Soul? A Woman's Tuesday Topic!

When I saw this image posted at the AWIBoutiques Facebook page; be-fearless-with-fireI nearly jumped out of my skin. You see, images and sayings such as these “light my fire”. In fact, I’m fond of challenging others with the question “what turns you on?” 

In other words. . . “what lights your fire?” 

Without a sense of our soul on fire for something that so burdens us with deep desire; we are likely to miss some of life’s most important pursuits. In fact, it might be the case that we’ll miss our true destiny and fail to pursue the future designed for us! 

It has been said that to those from whom much is asked; much is given. If we don’t dig deep into the fire of inner existence; we may believe not much has been asked of us. In fact, a great deal may not have been asked; however each of us has been asked to accomplish the one purpose for which we are born. And to miss it is to come to the end of life with perhaps. . . a gnawing sense of “what if there was more”. . . . 

The image states more than just an urgent admonition to move out in pursuit of the fire within. It begs the question – “what do I call that fire in my soul”?

“What is it that ignites the embers of my life?”

Truth is I have to name that which sets my soul on fire so that the pursuit has deep meaning. A meaning that consistently nudges me forward . After all, to stand still, even for a moment is to live in the white hot heat of that which sears my soul. 

Or it’s to let the coals burn to nothing as I delay the journey for fear that it will fail to lead to the destination I desire!

So I urge you to ponder the following questions as the week rolls on. . . 

  1. Is there a fire in your soul?  If so, what do you call it?
  2. Does it’s white hot heat lead you in hot pursuit of its destiny? Or, are you fearful of the pursuit? Even the thought of hot pursuit?

Ultimately the answers you give to the above questions will determine the outcome of the journey. 

Since life is a journey anyway. . . why not discover the heat that flows from your soul; name it and then pursue your destiny, fearless of the outcome!



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