"Easy Said-Not So Easily Done!" ~ A Woman's Wednesday Wisdom

I’ve been digging in our archives for hidden treasures. In internet lingo that’s called looking for something to re-purpose. I found the following post from March 2010 that is as fresh, good and ‘right on’ as it was 6 years ago. So without further ado. . . here’s my “wisdom” thoughts on learning to accomplish life’s hardest lessons!

“Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs” is what the article headline said!  My immediate thought was “good luck!” letting-go-is-never-easy-10-19-2016

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for letting go of something that mentally keeps us from achieving our most desired outcomes! But as a “recovering therapist”, I know how difficult the actual “letting go” can be.  I recall my own days “on the couch” as they used to say when I was in school & training; and a counselor instructed me to do something.that sounded easy. Trust me – it NEVER was!

Most of us have grown up with some beliefs (“old scripts”) that limit our ability to overcome obstacles; enjoy daily self-confidence or simply “go for the gold” without fear, doubt and trepidation!  But simply telling ourselves or others to “LET GO” won’t cut it.  We can’t snap our fingers and ‘limiting’ beliefs magically disappear.

However, there are some things we can do to work our way toward fully “letting go”.  And remember, EVERYTHING is a process!  So don’t expect it to occur in a flash – unless of course there’s divine intervention into the process.

1. Admit that we have some beliefs that limit the achievement of all we desire,
2. Try to identify the source of the beliefs (there’s a specific reason for attempting to identify the source)*
3. Write the beliefs in your journal or on a notepad
4. If you’ve identified the source – write that next to the belief in a column headed “Source”
5. On a scale from 1 – 5 (1=not at all; 5=absolutely); determine how much you desire to let go of the limiting belief & write that next to each limiting belief
6. Record how the limiting belief is impacting your life – your achievements & accomplishments
7. Determine a simple action you can take daily to begin the process of “letting go” of that particular belief
8. DO IT. . . Each day, DO the “simple action YOU determined to take**

*Here’s the reason for seeking the identification of the source of the limiting belief. If it is connected to a person in your past; it’s highly possible you haven’t “forgiven” the person for whatever it is he/she said or did. When we hold onto bitterness, spite or unforgiveness, it comes back again and again until we choose to forgive.  So if forgiveness appears necessary – let that be one of the actions you take daily.  

YES, even forgiveness is a process! TWEET THIS

**YOU set forth the action to take – no one did it for you or told you to do this or that. 

I learned early on when working with women who needed to let go of limiting ‘stuff’ that how they choose to do so is up to them – not me – not others! Important to remember!  If I did give them a task; it had far less positive impact than when they chose the action to take for themselves!

So, I wholeheartedly ‘buy in’ to the letting go of limiting beliefs. But what I won’t buy is that simply saying the words is all it takes!  And I guarantee that if you choose to tackle your own limiting beliefs, we’ll give you all the support, care and help you want – and ask for!

But the most important step in the process is when you decide to take the 1st step. To begin that critically important life step. 

Did you say “yes” to the process of letting go of beliefs holding you back from your destiny design? If so, have an awesome day affirming your decision . . .  



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