Do You Know the Keys to Personal & Professional Success? I Do!

Do You Know the Keys to Personal & Professional Success? I Do!

A pretty bold statement to make! Indicates that I think I know what will lead Christian business women to the success they desire. In many ways. . . I do know the key – or “keys”. I also know what will keep us bolted and locked away from that same success.

Following are some of my thoughts on the matter. And hopefully ideas that will help us avoid the pitfalls that hold us back!

Self-Confidence. . .

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The most essential ingredient in achieving SUCCESS is a sense of confidence in ourselves. In our abilities, skills, knowledge and overall capabilities. Without a sense of personal worth; we are bound to fail at most everything we attempt to do. While we have what it takes; the fact that we don’t believe we do leads to our downfall.

The truth is that most women who choose to build their own business don’t consider confidence in themselves as an essential element in achieving the level of success they desire. Yet it is, without a doubt, the basic building-block we must first lay in place before engaging anything else.

If a sense of your own worth and confidence in what you are capable of doing dogs you on your life path – seek out a true best friend, mentor or coach who will engage you in self-discovery and open doors to confident living you’ve not known before!

Expertise. . .

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Everyone is an expert at something! An innate knowledge, skill or capacity that is well developed. So well developed that others would dare call us an “expert” in such and so.  In fact, others would point to us when asked for an “expert” in a specific area of life, business or spiritual growth. Owning our own specific and particular “expertise” is critically important to being successful, and being seen as successful

Too often, women in business who lack a sense of personal and professional worth (short on self-confidence); piggy back on other’s expertise, making it appear they are the expert. Some folks won’t recognize this tendency at first; but as time goes on; it becomes obvious to all.

Nothing short-circuits success more than being seen as dishonest or deceptive when it comes to how we present ourselves to the world. Most often we fail to realize we are piggy-backing others. We see the success of an expert in a given field and think our best route to recognition is to mimic what they do and say. Truth is, we lose the respect of both the expert we mimic and those who eventually realize we are not being honest with self – and others.

So how do we avoid this critical downfall?

1. Engage with self-awareness in order to discover what you are uniquely expert at doing and being.

2. Let that same true friend, mentor or coach guide you into an understanding of your expertise and encourage you to develop it until it’s 2nd nature to you at all times.

3. Write, teach, coach, mentor – whatever it is you do in the world of  business, in the field or area of your specific expertise.

4. If uncomfortable at 1st, say so. Be honest with your audience and they will flock to you like bees to honey.

Character ~ Honesty, Integrity, Transparency & Vulnerability

Self-confidence and embracing your expertise are 2 very important aspects of success. But most important is personal character. Without personal character that includes honesty, integrity, a level of strategic transparency and the ability to be vulnerable; we might as well hang up our spike heels and go home!

All too often we focus on the “sale”. After all, the sale is what keeps us in business. But the sale is the end result of much more important things like “personal value”. And personal value is not just what our widget does for the buyer – it’s what we bring to the transaction. And the transaction is the relationship that begins and blooms between me and thee because you experience me as an “honest” broker. You sense a level of personal integrity that says you can trust me. You like that I’m as transparent as both of us are comfortable with. And willing to risk being vulnerable because the relationship is built on mutual honesty, integrity and trust!

If I’m always willing to be genuine and authentic; with an openness to others, then success will not elude me. It may take a while, but it will come.

If I count on my own personal and professional expertise; then I won’t piggy back on that of others; and folks will seek me out because they experience me as confident and sure of who I am and what I have to offer. 

And because I trust who I am and what I do; I will be genuine and authentic in all my dealing with others – whether in business or personal relationships. Sort of like round in circles; with one aspect leading to the next and so on and on. 

There you have them. A few of the keys to success. I told you I know what they are. And I do. Now hopefully, you know them as well.

Apply them to your lives; live up to them daily and you’ll be amazed at how the success you desire arrives at your door!



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