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The best things in life take time. Gestation of a human infant takes 9 months – 39 weeks to be exact. The more perfection built into what is being birthed; the longer the period of time to birth.Waiting for the ship to come in! Nothing worth having in our lives comes without sacrifice at some level; a bit of discomfort-even pain and the agony of waiting. 

Sometimes I think the hardest part of any birthing process is the waiting. Not profound, but honest assessment of the human condition! TWEET THIS

When direction for my future involvement in the lives of women in business came in 2006; I didn’t think about timing. I didn’t think about cost either. I just set out to fulfill what I believed to be a ‘mandate’ for the rest of my life. One might say “my destiny”. Moving through the years, honing my ‘craft’ so to speak; I again didn’t count the cost – or the time. But time was fleeting and the process of doing and being was hurrying on. Today, I feel a sense of urgency that is brand new to my process of turning Affiliated Women International (AWI); its Neighborhood Boutiques and COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD into what PAPA wants. 

A sense of urgency can come from above – or it can come from sources less interested in the good of all. Knowing the difference is everything! TWEET THIS

That same sense of urgency can have magnificent impact on our business outcome – or it can be devastating. We have to be intimately in touch with our inner wisdom to know from whence it comes. And ready to either move with it – or wait to let it pass. Here’s some things I’ve learned:

1. The larger the call on our lives (the destiny for which we are designed); the longer the wait time. If we are naturally impatient (and who isn’t); then learning to wait patiently is the lesson to be learned.

2. If we are working alone; then the process of waiting is usually easier. No one but ourselves to handle when the process seems to drag on and on.

3. Bringing others into our micro-business as partners (not employees) can complicate the process of waiting; unless they share the same understanding and sense of destiny we do. This is critically important to our process and the outcome for everyone. Most of all those we are called to serve! The needs of each partner impacts the process and the outcome.

Choosing business partners is one of the most important aspects we’ll engage with as we work on and wait for the outcome of our business dream! TWEET THIS  

4. Learn the art (and it is an “art”) of listening to the still small voice within – on a regular basis. Sometimes we’re being told to change course. Other times to cease and desist. Perhaps we’re being told there’s a hitch in our plans and we need to stop and wait for direction. WOMEN -World's largest untapped natural resource 2

5. Oftentimes the “taking too long” involves building an audience so that when all else is ready – there is a group of others to tell. I tell myself this every day. For everyday since 2007, I’ve been doing in order to fulfill my part in the mandate. In so doing, I’ve build an audience. Not large mind you; but an audience nonetheless. And so have the AWI partners.

Keep an ear to your inner voice so you know if audience-building is a large part of the waiting!

6. Don’t give up! We may need to give in at times; but unless all signs – external and internal, point to don’t go further, then stay the course. If those around you find staying the course too much to handle; make changes in the those around you – not the process of bringing the business dream to life!

Affiliated Women International (AWI) is taking a long time to come to fruition! Fruition in terms of reaching the size audience of women in micro-business we feel called to reach. Fruition in terms of women of the Christian faith who are looking for a safe place like AWI Neighborhood Boutiques where they can grow, become, develop strong personal, professional and business relationships. And add to their financial bottom line as well.

Fruition also for the bottom line of the AWI partners. Sometimes it’s hard to handle. Other days it’s simply recognition that time is part of the process for a vision and mission the size of AWI!

For nothing worth doing that will produce a mighty rippling downstream will come about without the rhythm of doing and waiting – waiting and doing.

Women, if the process of growing your micro-business seems to drag on and on – let the process unfold. For as it does; you’ll get a much clearer picture of how, where and when it will come to fruition. And you will have learned that much of the fruition is in the process. . . as well as the outcome!



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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