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When I think of COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD, I am reminded of the times my Mom and her friends sat at the kitchen table over coffee and homemade goodies while they shared with each other.  There was laughter, tears, hugs – stories of triumphs and defeats. Most of all there was the warmth of friendship that spanned individual differences of age and life experiences.

COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD is like that. A unique small group experience for business women of faith who want something more than networking as usual!

There is one big difference between networking as usual and COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD ~ typical business networking rarely provides opportunities for business women of faith to grow spiritually! And most, if not all, are done in crowded rooms with folks really not interested in building a relationship with you.

But the REAL difference is not just what we do; but how we do it!

COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD was originally designed to be done online!  Face to face from your laptop or tablet, in the comfort of your home. In pajamas if you like!

The heart of COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD is ConnectWorking, our special way to get to know each other and make significant connections right away! Just read what some of our members have to say about the ConnectWorking experience:  (comments from a couple of the Indianapolis members).

Yes, COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD can also be done in your local pub, coffee shop or restaurant; but the benefit of meeting, getting to know each other, sharing, learning and growing while never leaving home makes COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD the absolute best business-builder for women of faith that you will not find elsewhere! Perhaps the most important feature of being a member of the AWI Community and certainly the most valuable benefit!

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