Coffee and Friendship Will Make You More Successful!

COFFEE and Friendship Will Make You More Successful!

Yes, it really will. That is if you use the time over coffee cups to build solid friendships that add value to the lives of others. And be a source of value to our lives as well!

But there’s always a ‘catch’ to such simplistic approaches to what we deem a “success strategy”. The ‘catch’ is the word strategy!

The PROBLEM with Such a Simple Strategy for Success!

First it is rare for anyone in business to view friendship as a business strategy. Friendship is a relationship based on mutual values, interests, desires and such things totally unrelated to business. Correct?

It is equally rare for folks in business to schedule time with others for no other reason than to enjoy the java with those they consider “friends” and to do so without an agenda – hidden or otherwise! Correct?

So a ‘problem’ arises because one’s business mind doesn’t make a connection between the pleasant respite of enjoying friendly company over coffee, perhaps a meal – and “business“. Those of us in business tend to make fine line definite distinctions between pleasure and business. Pleasure reserved for off hours and with folks we would never consider a possible connection for business purposes. Am I correct again?

After all, business strategies should never be as simple as a few like-minded persons gathering over coffee and enjoying conversation focused only vicariously on what each of us does in the public square!

So what is the PROBLEM? Such an approach to business success seems too simple – too uncomplicated and without an understanding of a long look at success. A long look that sees potential from many different angles rather than a narrow myopic view that sees only a coffee cup and a friend (or two) across the table! Am I still correct? 

This is Why Such a Strategy Works!

Friendship is most often the life relationship that has the greatest longevity next to one’s marriage. I have friends I’ve known since I was a young adult. We may not see each other often; but our friendships are as strong today as they were many years ago – in fact they may be stronger since we’ve matured in wisdom as well as years!

On the other side of the coin, I’ve  recently met women with whom I forged an almost instant bond. Something about us connects in such a way that friendship comes quickly and adds value to each of our lives.

The operative phrase here is adds value to each other’s lives. Adding value to lives is what makes such a simply strategy as friendship over a drink or meal work as one of the primary ways to achieve the level of success we desire.

If what we do as women in business adds value to another person’s life; then we have achieved a level of success. If one of our objectives is to get the other person or persons to invest in our business by buying our product or service; we are more apt to have that happen when we have forged a bond of friendship and been the source of an experience of value than for any other reason!

One of the most successful business books isThe Go Giverby friend Bob Burg and John David Mann. It’s a small book backed with more business wisdom than one can imagine. The Go Giver is a parable about 5 laws of stratospheric success which makes it clear that the “sales process” is not a “sales pitch”. It’s building friendships with folks who find we add value to their lives whether they purchase our ‘widget’ – or not! For if they don’t need or want our widget; they might be the source of a referral of someone who does. Not the source of only one – but many!

Over the years,  most successful business folks – men and women, say that a friend who is the source of referrals is more valuable than a person who purchases; walks away and is rarely heard from again!

So Why Add  Coffee to the Mix? 

If building friendships that lead to business success is the answer to the question about how to achieve success; then why add “coffee” to the mix? 

The reason is that enjoying a favored drink, such as the almost universally loved coffee and perhaps a meal as well, makes a rich environment for friendship to grow. Mainly because it’s a casual environment in which friendly non-threatening conversation occurs. A casual environment always encourages a level of sharing that opens the door to relationships which enrich us personally as well as professionally. 

Find That Which Combines Coffee with Promises of Friendship!

The reason is simple! If coffee (or the drink of our choice) and perhaps a meal creates an environment in which we are most likely to develop and grow rich personal relationships; then it makes sense to find organizations that hostess events which include both.

Sooner or later, our involvement with business folks of either gender at events that promise an environment in which I can develop and build strong personal friendships, will pay off. With the best of what the public square has to offer – a multitude of real referrals from folks who know us; like us and what we bring to their lives; trust us and vouch to others for our honestyand integrity!

For that reason alone; adding COFFEE and FRIENDSHIP to our business lives is bound to result in the success we most desire!

P.S. Check out COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD on Facebook for an organization that features both! 



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