the Garden tomb

Called By Name ~ An Easter Story!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / April 16, 2017 /

Called By Name. . . Some years ago, a major aspect of the Easter story came to me in a burst of revelation that shook me to my core. A positive ‘shock’ I might add! After years of life and celebrations of Resurrection Sunday, a profoundly important aspect of the story burst upon the scene…

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"I Can't Love You Up Close!" ~ Women's Sunday Series

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / December 13, 2015 /

I admit this up front. There are some people I can’t love up close! Men and women whose presence in my life at close range creates so much havoc for me that I struggle to forgive what they do and how their havoc negatively impacts me – and everything in my life!  These are the…

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"A Heavy Heart, Faith & The Promise!" ~ Women's Sunday Series

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / November 22, 2015 /

Recently I came home from an important meeting with a heavy heart. I felt on the verge of tears; but they wouldn’t come. Not only was my heart heavy with tears that wouldn’t flow; I felt a sense of anger beneath the heaviness that could find no appropriate place for expression. Nor could I put my…

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"Should I Be Tolerant?" ~ Women's Sunday Series

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / November 8, 2015 /

“Should a Christian – a believing woman (or man), be tolerant?“ That’s a question that has plagued me for well over 12 months or longer. Plagued because I realize that I am becoming less and less tolerant the more ‘vintage’ I become. Some would say “chalk it up to advancing years”. Others would chide me…

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"Faith, Knowledge and All That Jazz" ~ Women's Sunday Series

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / November 1, 2015 /

The Christian world gets hung up with a lot of stuff that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans when it comes to the reality of Christian life. Yes, there are certain basic fundamental truths (not to be confused with fundamentalism); but they are simple and straightforward. At least on the surface, they appear to…

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"The Serpent and the Dove" ~ Women's Sunday Series

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / September 20, 2015 /

Travel back in time with me if you will. . . .  It’s late in the evening. Most of the multitudes that followed us throughout the day have gone. There’s a bit of desert night chill and Jesus warms himself by the fire. “Come join me my friends; I have much to tell you.”  As we gather at the…

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"Religion or Relationship?"~ Women's Sunday Series

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / September 13, 2015 /

All too often in today’s culture, folks use the word “religion” to identify what many of us know as a relationship. One with a living Person that is as real as any earthly folks we know. As dynamic, active and authentic as one we have with a person considered a ‘mentor’ or ‘coach’. A relationship…

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"All That Glitters. . ." Women Sunday Series

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / September 6, 2015 /

It’s Sunday morning, September 6, 2015. I have just read the response to questions I asked privately of a candidate for public office in our small Indiana community. My heart races and anger wells in my gut. If I were impetuous, I would fire back with both barrels. Fortunately I am not! What the response…

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"Why Am I Here?" ~ Women's Sunday Series

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / August 30, 2015 /

Just a few days ago, I received a lengthy and admittedly difficult to write email from a friend. As we conversed back and forth, one phrase continually struck me. It has become the foundation for this post. . . “God has so very much in store for both of us.  We are involved in the process of…

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"Rallying Cry of a Believer" ~ Women's Sunday Series

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / August 23, 2015 /

Up to this year. I would have said I don’t have a political bone in my body. Yes, I declared a party and yes I voted in the elections; but I never participated to any extent in the process called “political”.  But over the past several years, I have drifted more and more toward the…

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