Thoughts of Success & Failure ~ From the AWI Archives!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / March 15, 2019 /

Sometimes We Must. . .  Sometimes we must adjust our days and weeks to accommodate life events we hadn’t planned for. Such is the case for me the past several weeks. Friend’s sudden illness, hospitalization and subsequent stay in skilled care threw my usual schedule into disarray. It also intruded on writing fresh content for…

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There's Something About A "Niche"!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 27, 2017 /

There’s Something About A “Niche”! When I think of a “niche”, I envision a small cave-like dwelling set in the side of a mountain where I can hide from a storm. Just the picture in my mind’s eye brings a sense of peace and calm. It’s a place for me to find shelter from the storms…

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What Do Intimacy & Business Have in Common?

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 20, 2017 /

What Does Intimacy & Business Have in Common? Yes I know it’s a provocative title. And one that has a lot of innuendo associated with it given the culture and times in which we live. But that’s not the focus of this post. For the word intimacy has a much deeper – even spiritual – meaning…

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The Fascinating Headline. . .

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 13, 2017 /

The Fascinating Headline, . . .drew me in. It called my attention to something I had been searching for for a long time. The reason AWI exists and what it has to offer women in our particular ‘niche’ population. So what is the headline that fascinated me. . . “Small Is Beautiful. How to Make the…

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No Such Thing As A Self-Made Success!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / August 25, 2017 /

No Such Thing As a “Self-Made” Success! I hear it all the time. So and so is a self-made success! Irritates my hide as my Momma used to say! No one who has ever tasted the goodness of success has arrived at the table by herself. She may be seated alone; but at every juncture of the…

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"Is Facebook a Necessary Evil?"

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / March 8, 2016 /

I’ve said this over and over again the past several years. It’s one of the addictive things that I want to rid from my life; but feel to do so would be business and professional suicide. While the ad nausea stream of cat photos and ridiculous selfies is almost more than I can stomach, I visit…

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Who Do I Say I Am? The Women's Neighborhood

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / March 12, 2015 /

Yes, I talk about self-knowledge a lot. But never more than it should be. Such is the case for women – women in business, professions – life in general. We must keep at the task of self-discovery for as long as we live and breath. Certainly to fulfill the destiny for which we were designed.  But also to…

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Drop a Pebble – Spread the Word ~ The WOMEN'S Neighborhood

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / February 26, 2015 /

Would you say that word of mouth is the most effective and powerful form of marketing today?  Any day or age actually? If you answer a resounding “yes”; then you’d belong to a large group of folks in business – experts and novices alike, who answer the same. It’s an absolute fact that word of…

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The Difference A Word Can Make ~ The Women's Neighborhood

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / February 12, 2015 /

Words are living things! They “live” in our perceptions which are colored by related past experiences. If a word reminds us of a pleasant enjoyable experience then that word is perceived in a positive way. The same is true in reverse. Try explaining something dynamically positive in your life to another who recoils at every descriptive…

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