May I Join You?

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / June 21, 2019 /

May I Join You? Last week when talking about community and the value of “tribes” as defined by the brilliant Seth Godin, I stated the following: “By whatever name – Godin calls them “Tribes”; we call them a Neighborhood-  they are one and the same. Vehicles of connection. Opportunities for change.” At least 2 women in…

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World’s Most Powerful Opioid!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / March 8, 2019 /

World’s Most Powerful Opioid! The world faces a monumental challenge with the use of and deaths from powerful addictive drugs known as opioids. Daily we hear how tons of stuff such as Fentanyl, Oxycontin and Meth are transported across our southern border or arrive via ports of entry. It’s a vexing problem that no one…

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Provocative Thoughts on “Sisterhood”!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / February 15, 2019 /

“Sisterhood”. Good word or not? What does “Sisterhood” mean to you? Simple question that may or may not be simple to answer. Recently I posed a series of questions to our Facebook group The Neighborhood in preparation for the AWI relaunch later this year. I opened the question series as follows: “Why are you a…

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"I Hate Sales!" ~ Women in Micro-business

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / March 23, 2016 /

Yep, it’s the truth. I hate sales. The thought of being a “salesperson” has always rattled my cage. I recall a conversation when I was social service director at our local hospital about sales and I haughtily mentioned how fortunate I felt not being in “sales”. Imagine the shock when my companions informed me that…

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"Should I Be Tolerant?" ~ Women's Sunday Series

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / November 8, 2015 /

“Should a Christian – a believing woman (or man), be tolerant?“ That’s a question that has plagued me for well over 12 months or longer. Plagued because I realize that I am becoming less and less tolerant the more ‘vintage’ I become. Some would say “chalk it up to advancing years”. Others would chide me…

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"Stoop to Step Up" ~ From Tuesday Doses to Inspire & Encourage!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / November 3, 2015 /

Another take from The GO-GIVER wisdom of friend Bob Burg and co-author, John  David Mann. Again I encourage you to read this tiny book full of more wisdom than one can find in thousands of pages from supposed other business guru’s! “Forget the win-win. Focus on the other person’s win!”  We live in a world in…

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"The Paradigm Shifts" ~ Women in Micro-Business

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 29, 2015 /

“When you have your own army of personal walking ambassadors, you’ll have referrals coming your way faster than you can handle them.” ~ Bob Burg and John David Mann, “The Go-Giver”. One of the best books on business – and life, is “The Go-Giver”. It’s a little book filled with more wisdom than one can imagine.…

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"1st Chair or Podium?" ~ Women in Micro-Business

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 22, 2015 /

Every Wednesday, the corporate partners of A Women’s Place Network, Inc. meet in a conference call. There are four of us and we’re a dynamic group of energetic women ranging in age from early 30’s to . . . well let’s just say “vintage” like fine wine! We’re gearing up for what we call “Neighborhood…

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"Old Fashioned Business In A Modern Age"~Women & Micro-Business

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / August 27, 2015 /

The one thing I vividly recall was the oiled wooden floor that smelled so clean when I opened the door. The thing I remember most after stepping inside was the gumball machine. That machine was sitting in exactly the right spot for youngsters like me to spot the moment we entered. To what do these childhood…

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"Rallying Cry of a Believer" ~ Women's Sunday Series

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / August 23, 2015 /

Up to this year. I would have said I don’t have a political bone in my body. Yes, I declared a party and yes I voted in the elections; but I never participated to any extent in the process called “political”.  But over the past several years, I have drifted more and more toward the…

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