A Love That Would Not Let Him Go!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / April 19, 2019 /

A Prologue. . . What can we say about Good Friday, that hasn’t already been said? Or not said because we don’t know what to say! Truth be known, speaking or writing about a day in which a man willingly went to a horrific death because it was His purpose is not something most humans…

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"What's Your Bottom Line?" ~ AWI & Women in Micro-Business!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / December 8, 2015 /

What does the phrase “bottom line” conjure up in your mind? If you’re like me and most of the rest of the folks in my world, it brings about financial ideas. With the words of a popular television commercial these days. . . “what’s in your wallet?” Or on your profit-loss statement under “PROFIT”!  Whatever…

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"The Paradigm Shifts" ~ Women in Micro-Business

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 29, 2015 /

“When you have your own army of personal walking ambassadors, you’ll have referrals coming your way faster than you can handle them.” ~ Bob Burg and John David Mann, “The Go-Giver”. One of the best books on business – and life, is “The Go-Giver”. It’s a little book filled with more wisdom than one can imagine.…

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"Chasing the Next What!" – Women and Micro-Business

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / July 30, 2015 /

Most folks would put the word “sale” in the title of this post. That’s because most women (and men) in business chase the next sale. It’s especially true for women in micro-business because many such businesses are associated with direct sales or multi-level marketing companies. Nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is the myth that…

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Business Women ~ Take It From Greta

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / April 17, 2015 /

She’s well known! In fact, she’s known internationally and has one of television’s largest viewing audiences at 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. She’s tough as nails when it comes to interviews; challenging each and every guest seeking to get at the truth. Not only that, but she expresses her own views on current matters without…

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Tellin' It Like It Is! ~ The Women's Neighborhood

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / February 19, 2015 /

“An event does not a relationship make“! Yet most of us are told that if we participate in this or that event; we’ll “build relationships”. Hogwash. . . So okay, Fitzgerald, what set you off on this tangent today? Well, I just read post after post on social media telling folks that if they sign…

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"It Takes A Neighborhood" ~ Big Is Not Always Better!

By Linda S. Fitzgerald / October 24, 2014 /

“How many folks in your social media contact base?”   Well I’ve asked that question recently so I can’t complain when others do it too. In fact, it’s one of the criteria for bringing on board Neighborhood Boutiques Ambassadors. “How many folks in your contact base, including social media”. Different phrasing but the bottom line…

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