“Big Girl Pants & Big Kahunas” ~ Women's Wednesday Wisdom

Again, digging in the arcives of our organization going back a number of years. I found the following and more than ever; I think it as appropriate today as when it was written in 2011. 

I must admit, it’s a mini-rant based on a phone call I received that seethed beneath the surface until the following came rolling out as a March 2011 blog post about growing up, getting tough-minded and putting on pants that fit the mature women we’ve become. . . 

Without further ado:

“No I haven’t reverted to “gutter language” although I can add my fair share when pressed to the wall! I’m simply using the common vernacular to make a quick point today.

Yesterday I got a phone call that didn’t impact me much at the time. However as the evening wore on, I found myself irritated with how some folks just love to complain! You know, the one’s that look grownup but are still wearing diapers? Makes me want to gag because folks with a certain level of immaturity make us “big girls” look bad. . . .

My dear friends, we’ve arrived at a stage of life where if we haven’t put on “Big Girl Pants” – we need to. And even though “kahunas” are supposedly only worn by boys – I can tell you that us girls can have them too. Emotionally, spiritually, psychologically – if not physically. We can rise up to our full height and set limits; boundaries and whatever else we need to “set” in order to be known as a “woman who has put on big girl pants”.female-weight-lifter-11-02-2016

In fact, in the past, the nicest compliment a male paid me was to say “Linda, for a woman, you have big kahunas”. At the time, I blushed. But over the years, I’ve never forgotten that & now see it as one of the finest things someone could say to me. It means – no one can take advantage of us without our really giving away our “power” – most often knowingly!

What rattled my cage yesterday were comments passed to me by women who must love to moan & groan because someone didn’t get them a drink – or whatever it was that they didn’t have the “Kahunas” to get for themselves. If I’m in front of you with a drink & you want one – TELL ME! Or get off the chair; go to the counter; order a drink; go to the cashier and pay for it yourself. The event in question was neither a “free lunch” nor a “free drink”.

And duh, if you didn’t mention it, I might never think to have a drink in front of me was somehow “rude” or “unwelcoming”. Gee whiz (cleaned that up didn’t I?). I bet the person doing the boo-hooing doesn’t remember the hugs she received upon leaving. Big, fat AWI hugs for which we’ve become famous!

The point of this wee-rant is that it’s perfectly OKAY to wear “big girl pants”. In fact, most folks will respect us much more when we do. We may not like the forthrightness or direct “speaking of the truth in love”, but in the end. . . In the end you will earn my respect.

As for “kahunas”. . . I’d much rather hang out with women who have moved through pain, suffering, emotional trauma, grief & life reversals to find a level of maturity they never dreamed of – than someone who has been carried on the silk pillow because “kahunas” are for “boys”. Just give me a Big Girl Wearing Pants that Fit, with ample room for her Kahunas”.

Thanks for letting me have a mild rant today. Hopefully the point I wished to make has given you something to chew on.
Have an awesome day wearing big girl pants with just a few ruffles to make them pretty!”


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