Becoming a Woman of B.O.L.D. Confidence…The Finale!!!

By Jana Denninger / September 11, 2015 /

This will be the last in my series, “Becoming a Woman of B.O.L.D. Confidence” …thus the title of “The Finale”! When I began this series several Fridays ago, my intention was to expose those areas in our lives that keep us from having the kind of confidence that will propel us to great heights of…

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Becoming a Woman of B.O.L.D. Confidence…Press Through the Pain!

By Jana Denninger / September 4, 2015 /

PAIN, you say!   And what does that word have to do with Becoming a Woman of B.O.L.D. Confidence?  In one word…much! You may be thinking…”Jana, you’re always such an upbeat, positive person…why focus on something we perceive as a huge negative in life?”  And I would answer…”That’s precisely WHY it’s key to gaining the kind…

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The Woman with B.O.L.D. Confidence….Who is She, Really?

By Jana Denninger / August 7, 2015 /

This time last Friday I was en route “back home again in Indiana” after a few days out visiting my daughter and family.  I was thrilled to finally meet my new great-grandson, Brayden, and enjoyed much quality time getting to know that precious little fella! It had been two years since I’d seen my oldest…

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B.O.L.D. Confidence…Building the Dream…Bigger!

By Jana Denninger / July 24, 2015 /

When I began this series several Friday ago now,  my intention was to expose those areas in our lives that keep us from having the kind of confidence that will propel us to great heights of success.  That goal has not changed…in fact, I am more committed than ever to help those reading this series…

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Becoming a Woman of B.O.L.D. Confidence…Just Believe!

By Jana Denninger / July 17, 2015 /

Yesterday was an amazing day!  It was the monthly gathering of our Carmel COFFEE in the NEIGHBORHOOD where women come together to build strong, bonded relationships while growing both personally and professionally. We begin the meeting in small groups around questions that are meant to create an atmosphere for that kind of relationship-building…and we get…

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Becoming a Woman of B.O.L.D. Confidence…Slaying Giants!

By Jana Denninger / July 10, 2015 /

It’s such a joy coming to you each Friday here at NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES, especially since I’ve begun this series on creating a life of B.O.L.D. Confidence. Last week, since it was the day just before our country’s 239th birthday, I veered from the topic briefly in order to celebrate Independence Day and the importance that…

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Fourth of July Freedom…Declaring Our INTERdependence!!!

By Jana Denninger / July 3, 2015 /

Tomorrow  “We the People” will be celebrating our 239th Independence Day!   Think of it, when our Founding Fathers came together, in one accord, to draft the Declaration of Independence from religious persecution and the tyranny of Great Britain, they were paving the way for those who came after…you and me… citizens of this great country…that…

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Becoming a Woman of B.O.L.D. Confidence…Who Will You Believe?

By Jana Denninger / June 26, 2015 /

Amazing how quickly Fridays roll around these days!  We’re definitely experiencing the “dog days” of summer here in Central Indiana and I couldn’t be happier.  And I’m even more pleased that you’ve decided to tap into today’s blog at NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES. We’re committed to providing the very best tools and resources to assist you in growing…

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Becoming a Woman of B.O.L.D. Confidence…One Thought at a Time!

By Jana Denninger / June 19, 2015 /

I’m so glad you’ve chosen to join me on this exciting journey to “Becoming a Woman of B.O.L.D. Confidence”! Three weeks ago, as I launched this new series, I began by sharing some extremely personal insights from my past.  I did so with the intent to let you know where I’ve been on my life’s…

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Becoming a Woman of B.O.L.D. Confidence…Begins Here!

By Jana Denninger / June 12, 2015 /

Two Fridays ago I launched this new blog series on Becoming a Woman of  BOLD Confidence…and I have to tell you, the past several days, especially since “crossing over” into my 65th year last Thursday have accelerated and been amplified.  I’m confident that what will be shared in the coming weeks will make a lasting impact on…

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