"Attend To That Which Is Important!" ~ A Thursday Thought

It occurs to me that some things never change. Some actions and words of ours cannot be improved upon. 

Life has rules. Some folks don’t want to admit same; nor do they want to honor them. But truth always wins out in the end. 

That’s the truth I found when searching our AWI archives for a thought once applied that never changes over time. The following is what I found that is as relevant today – as the day it was first penned!

“The greatest blessing I can give another is my undivided attention! the-amazing-power-of-friendship

Impossible, you say? Well not when we consider that relationships require attention, support and encouragement. Even those we consider strictly a business relationship.

In every relationship, there is a “person” at the center. A person who lives, walks, breaths, weeps, laughs – seeking to live life to the fullest! A person who perhaps seeks the same outcomes we do. A person who enjoys similar tastes in life we do. A person who can be wounded by words much the same as we can. A person who seeks the same warmth of a trusting loyal friendship we do!

My thought is let this be a day when you give your undivided attention to another. For no other reason than you value her as a person – a woman – first!

She will take away from the encounter, the most wonderful remembrance of you. For no other reason than she left knowing someone valued her for herself!

And let it be said of me – that I value each of you for “who” you are! What you do is an added blessing”. . . .



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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