Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Speaking for myself, I can say with confidence that the answer is YES! I step on toes; I say the wrong thing at the right time or the right thing at the wrong time. I hide my light under a barrel and wonder why the light of His love isn’t pouring through.

It’s not that I mean to be a klutz; it’s just that at times in life, I don’t know when to remain silent. Or to speak at the appropriate time.

Not Just A Matter of What Drips From The Lips!

It’s not just what we say, that creates enemy territory. Most of the time, it’s a lack of confidence in what to do, say or behave. Being introverted can challenge us in thought, word or deed. It can also keep us from venturing out in confidence, willing to test our presence in the sight (and sound) of others.

The situation is opposite for the extrovert who can blurt out the most nonsensical blabber known to man or woman. Without doubt or fear, the extroverted business woman will speak or do regardless of the situation or circumstances. She rarely stops to assess whether what crosses her mind deserves a slap of censorship before it rolls off the tongue. And I won’t even mention behaviors that stomp on toes and romp on egos as the extrovert rolls through life!

For the introverted quiet Christian woman in business; the challenge is lack of confidence. For the extrovert, it’s confidence on steroids. Confidence that may or may not be more than skin deep!

So What To Do About It?!

As much a question as an exclamation!

As I sit writing and thinking about how to answer; I’m aware that the most realistic and practical answer is age. You know that thing we call growing older. . . and (hopefully) growing up in the process.

Life will haul us up short when we step on toes and roll over egos. Right or wrong, people, circumstances and situations will impact us in ways designed to educate us. As my Grandma would say; “wise us up!” It’s no mystery that PAPA GOD arranges our days with activities that will make us emotionally wiser and intellectually smarter.

But that doesn’t help the young business woman who wants to maintain her faith while growing a business without falling too far from Grace into a pit of muck and mire!

There’s much to be said on the subject of being our own worst enemy. One important fact is that from time to time; regardless of age, role or title; we’ll be the enemy we meet on the road. We’ll be the obstacle starring at us from the mirror. We’ll be the one whose face is covered with muck and mire as we struggle to return to a standing position.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that it’s okay. Okay to be our own worst enemy from time to time for no other reason than that’s the way we find who we are and how to change our ways so that the enemy becomes a figment of our imagination.

Can You Give It To Me In A Nutshell?

Yes I can. But not here. The nutshell is larger than you think. It has more words and wisdom than this post will hold. And it’s too important to gloss over with a swipe of spit and polish (another favorite saying of my Mom).

So next week, I’ll continue this post with walnut size wisdom on how to slay the enemy that would be you or me and lay it to waste once and for all!

In the meantime, remain silent and still if in doubt that the enemy at the door bears a strong resemblance to someone with whom you spend considerable time daily. . .



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