Are You Really Serious About Your Business!

The Busiest Season of the Year!

It’s the busiest season of the year. Even without children at home, presents to wrap (just checks in envelopes these days), or major baking chores; I don’t seem to have the time to right a fresh blog each Friday. 

So I’ve dug into the AWI archives to again find a post we can take into the new year and put into motion as needed. I found the message below about how lack of instant success brings a sense of failure, even disgust with what we are doing. The thing we chose and believe is what we are called to do becomes a drag. While we thought we were serious about entering the world of business, lack of progress and set backs leave us doubting. . . wondering why we began the process in the first place. 

Think You’re Serious About Your Business? Think Again!

It’s a snarky title because apparently such titles get more attention in social media. But I also wrote it with a bit of tongue-in-cheek because all too often women in business talk the talk – but don’t walk the walk!

know yourselfMany of us enter the business world full of excitement with the expectation of achieving financial success, considerable recognition and levels of achievement that rank us in the top percentile of our industry.

This is especially true if we opt to be an independent business owner (IBO) with a direct sales or multi-level marketing company. We may have been given the impression that achieving financial success, recognition and achievement that ranks us in the top echelons of the company is easy-peasy. You know, just share what you do on social media, i.e. Facebook, and magic happens!

When the magic fails to appear as hoped for, or quickly erupts then fades like Old Faithful; the energy, enthusiasm and eagerness to continue fades just as quickly. So do the hopes and aspirations with which business began.

Such experiences are not limited to direct sales. The same occurs no matter the industry or business type we have chosen! The thought of persevering over time to let our business mature is not a goal we want to entertain. So too often we opt out and chock it up as lesson learned!

One of the primary reasons women fail to achieve is a lack of seriousness about business in general; and the specific choices they made upon entry into the business world.

Three Tips to Learn Just How Serious You Are. . . 

Here’s some tips to determine how serious you are about building and maintaining your business and its growth – growth over time:

  1. Excuses – are you a woman who lets the least challenge keep you from pursuing your business goals on a daily basis?

I once worked with the leader of a women’s business networking group. Every holiday season became a reason to delay meeting or an excuse for not marketing that season’s events. January was too cold; May and June were wedding and graduation season; June, July and August were vacation months. September was back to school and November through year-end was the holiday season. Left little time to hold and market events. Yet she described her commitment to the group as a “10” on a 1-10 scale with 10 being total commitment.

We can use anything as an excuse if we are less than serious about what it is we say we desire. Business women who are serious organize their time; don’t let headaches and queasy stomachs deter them from accomplishing at least one business-related task a day.

Check to see if you are a woman in business who makes more excuses than takes steps to achieve no matter the season, weather or other life events.

  1. Wrong Business Choice– we hear a lot these days about “passion”. What are you passionate about? What turns you on? What do you feel led to do with your life? What is your life purpose?

Many times, women make the wrong choice of business for reasons other than a deep-seated passion they believe is directly related to their unique destiny, design and purpose.  We react to the enthusiasm of others who want nothing more than to add us to their team for their benefit –  not ours.

  1. Know Thyself First– Who am I? What are my skills, abilities and natural inclinations? What do I do well and what requires the assistance of others with skills, knowledge and wisdom I don’t have? Most importantly, WHY do I want to be in business and if so – what business best suits me?

Take time to determine the above. Engage in self-awareness exercises that will help you determine your “who, why, what and how”. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t deny yourself the expertise, experience and wisdom of those who can help you – and are more than willing to do so.

The above are just a tip of the iceberg in determining business seriousness. If you’re using excuses to keep from achieving – then you may have made the wrong business choice. At least you may have failed to identify a specific market with which you connect and eagerly engage on a regular basis that brings continued excitement and joy!As well as new and recurring business.

If you’ve made the wrong business choice, then you may have failed to do self-examination prior to signing on anyone’s bottom line. Most of all your own!

It’s no disgrace to lose a sense of seriousness about the business you’ve chosen. However it is foolhardy to continue on the same path that brought you to the realization this may not be right for me.



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