Are You A TRIBE Woman At Heart?

Are You A Tribe Woman At Heart? 

Last week I spoke about the importance of not going it alone, relying on the outstanding ancient wisdom of King Solomon. Just to refresh our memory, Solomon’s simple wisdom warned us against the solopreneur lifestyle. He further warned that 2 together, while better than 1, is not the best choice. Solomon advised us to work as a threesome – adding PAPA God and His Spirit to our work as the power player on our team! Actually Solomon isn’t that specific with his words; but the implication is there nonetheless. Language changes over time; but the meaning remains basically the same. Solomon called it a “3-ply cord”, but. . . 

Today we call it a “tribe” or “community”, or another word that indicates a group of at least 3 or more with whom we regularly engage for support, guidance or just plain friendship; as opposed to standing alone to face an uncertain world with an unknown outcome!

When you think of going it alone over a long life haul; or having a support system of at least a 3-ply cord; which is more compatible with who you are? In other words, are you a Tribe woman at heart?

I also said I was going to share what is deepest in my heart as it relates to being an advocate for Christian women in business! At heart, my desire is to be actively engaged in your lives in such a way that as we journey together; you discern your unique destiny design. And in so doing, run headlong in the direction of fulfilling it!

Okay, I’m a “Tribe” woman at heart too!The Benefit of Being Part of a Tribe

It’s true! I’m a “tribe” woman at heart! I think the way each of us achieves the destiny for which we are designed comes because we choose to enter into at least a “3-ply cord” relationship in life. But more than that, I feel strongly we must take our 3-ply cord relationship into a larger circle of folks who look to us for as much support and guidance as we do from them!

Don’t get me wrong, I need my quiet-private-personal-space. But aside from that aspect of who I am, I want and need a “tribe” of folks who are side-kicks in personal and professional life. Without that, I shrivel inside – and out. I loose perspective, creativity and the energy to create when and what I’m called to create.

Learning From Our Life Tribes!

Last fall I bought into a training program on developing and growing a membership site. The course is taught by Stu McLaren, who helped Michael Hyatt, former head of Thomas Nelson Publishers, develop and grow his highly successful membership site. I’m playing catch up with all the modules, but what’s proving to be a great added benefit is his “Tribe”. 

Stu’s Tribe is an active secret Facebook group who ask and answer questions; post great information they’ve gained while researching and basically help each other achieve the goals we set for ourselves in terms of developing a membership site. 

AWI and Neighborhood Boutiques is a membership site. That’s the reason I bought Stu’s course and have started hanging out with the “Tribe”. I want to learn all I can about how to grow AWI and the Boutiques so we can be as valuable to each of our members as Stu is to his!  Oh and guess what, Stu isn’t a solopreneur!  He has a team – a personal “tribe” that has his back – and ours!

When I reflect on my life, I realize how important the tribes with whom I hung out have been during each life season! There was my high school “supper club” tribe who helped a shy girl feel accepted and wanted during the stressful teenage years.

Then there were the young married couples with whom Alan and I developed great friendships, who helped us learn to lean on each other when marriage was a bit more than we bargained for! And now there’s those with whom I hang out on social media. Folks I may never meet across the table over coffee; but a part of my tribe nonetheless. And just as important to each other’s success even though we may never meet face to face! 

The Tribe is the Wind Beneath Our Wings!

Solomon didn’t specifically talk about “tribes” in Ecclesiastes; but the inference is clear. To discern and discover our destiny design is not just a solo pursuit. To develop the skills, abilities and natural tendencies that will help us fulfill that design will require a tribe of others who will take us under their wings. And at some point in our lives, we will be the wind beneath their wings!

The benefit of being a tribe member at heart is the equal interaction between me and thee – us and them – as we journey toward the goals we want to achieve! Anything less is a lonely road to travel – one fraught with disappointment and sometimes despair!

Are you a Christian woman in business who is equally a “tribe woman” at heart? If so, then consider joining our growing Tribe of AWI women. Give and gain as part of a community who cares about you, your destiny design and the successful fulfillment of same. 

This month, AWI and Boutiques is focusing on being – and celebrating – our unique selves. That will be the focus of the next several Friday posts. How about you join us in being and celebrating your unique self? There’s no more important tribe work than this!



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