And There Was a Hush. . .

I don’t really know if there was a hush in the mili-seconds before Jesus’ birth or not. But romanticized versions say so. It would not be unusual considering the unusual event that was about to happen. After all, eternity was preparing to enter earth as a tiny baby solely dependent upon earthly parents. 

What I do suspect is that there was little to no sound in that cold dank cave as Mary gave one final push to bring her son into the world. The cattle may have stirred and the sheep a bit restless. The revelry of the inn nearby might have been a million miles away as far as the central characters in PAPA’s divine drama cared. They were intent upon fulfilling Heavenly Father’s plan to bring heaven to earth in a child they would name Jesus. 

Two things came to mind as I thought about this post: Silence and Anticipation.

Silence frightens some folks

Silence frightens some folks

There’s something mystical about silence. Something I’ve often called the “pregnant void”. No sound, yet a fullness that fills the atmosphere about me. I love silence. I love the early morning hours before dawn when in the quiet, PAPA draws close to whisper wisdom to my opened and quiet mind. No activities of the day to divert attention. No telephone, tv or even the sound of a bird. Stillness – Silence -Fullness. 

Many folks have difficulty with silence. They are uncomfortable when conversation ceases and feel they must fill the space with the sound of their voice. Usually chattering inane nonsense that adds nothing to anything of significance. I know. I once had great difficulty with silence. I was so uncomfortable I said anything to fill the air with sound – when what was needed was silence. After all, when someone is talking incessantly, others can’t think or hear – or listen. Listen for the voice of wisdom that rises within.

That’s especially true for the person breaking the silence with nonsensical chatter. . . 

PAPA asks us to be quiet. “Be still and know“, He says. One reason many believers fail to do the Will of the Father is they aren’t quiet long enough to receive His direction. They can’t hear His Voice because they are filling the air with their own – or with any distraction that holds back the truth. 

The revelers in the inn that night would not have heard the angel announcement. They would have been unaware of the heavenly hosts singing and praising God for His magnificent gift. But the shepherds tending flocks on the Judean hillsides in the hush of night heard. They heard and responded. As did others who let nightfall quiet their voices – and minds to anything but the heavenly drama that was playing out in a lonely dark cave behind the Bethlehem inn. And they came. They heard – and at Father’s direction, scurried to see for themselves!

Wisdom in the Words

Wisdom in the Words

I love Christmas Eve. Even more so than Christmas Day. I think it’s the sense of anticipation. Christmas Day for me is almost anti-climatic. After all, birth has occurred and now onto the next thing in life that has out-of-this-world significance.

What I’ve discovered is that with any dream we pursue with passionate desire; the anticipation of it’s coming to pass is more exciting than when it arrives. It has an other worldly aspect to it when it’s afar off. Takes on a color and hue that can’t quite live up to the real thing. Anticipating it’s outcome fills me with excitement that somehow quickly dissipates once it arrives on the scene. There’s something magical about the “waiting game” that loses it’s magic when the waiting is over. 

After all, the outcome of waiting changes the work that’s required. Anticipation of birth gives way to messy diapers and 2 a.m. feedings! The birth of our dream requires a change in our outlook and the activities we anticipate will need to be managed.

Somehow the dream on the horizon is much more colorful than the dream that stares me in the face!

Fortunately, our humanity adjusts. The disappointment we may experience when anticipation gives way to reality, quickly fades once we recognize that what was so long awaited has now finally arrived. The experience of one is only slightly different than the other – and both are part n’ parcel of our life experiences. 

Today, we anticipate the birth of a Son. For all the neighbors know, Mary and Joseph’s son. A  boy child born in very humble surroundings to a woman not yet out of her teens and a man who took her as his wife under the most trying circumstances.

A child born of the Spirit of God to change our lives forever. To right the original wrong and turn humankind back to the relationship that gives our lives meaning – and purpose.

Let us enter into the spirit of the moment in silence. Quieting our hearts and minds in anticipation of what is about to unfold. Not just to re-create and celebrate that which occurred over 2000 years ago; but that which is about to unfold in our lives. 

May I just add that to do so, we’ll become richer in wisdom, clarity and a sense of awe!

merry_christmas_nativity_poster-rccceafc686c042fd93036c7d2f84729c_2ta75_8byvr_512Merry Christmas to all!



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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