Am I My Own Worst Enemy? Part 2

Can You Give It To Me In A Nutshell? 

From last week’s post as today’s lead in. . .
“Yes I can. But not here. The nutshell is larger than you think. It has more words and wisdom than this post will hold. And it’s too important to gloss over with a swipe of spit and polish (another favorite saying of my Mom).

So next week, I’ll continue this post with walnut size wisdom on how to slay the enemy that would be you or me and lay it to waste once and for all!

In the meantime, remain silent and still if in doubt that the enemy at the door bears a strong resemblance to someone with whom you spend considerable time daily. . .

Yes I Can ~ And I Will. . .

Current social media wisdom is that lists of do & don’ts is no longer the savvy thing. I’m delighted to learn this as I hate posts with lists that tell me nothing about the person behind the bullet points.

So here are some thoughts for women not yet ‘vintage’ enough or significantly scarred to have achieved heart knowledge about where enemy territory lies.

And also for those of us who have lived a bit of life; have wounds and scars to show for it and still need to be reminded that muck and mire can come at any age – or life circumstance:

  • Spend reflective moments each day discovering where your confidence resides. In other words, get to know who you are when comfortable with yourself.
  • Pay attention to what brings you “peace that passes all understanding“. When is it that the peace of the Lord is so quiet you can’t miss it’s presence. For that state of mind and being is what you need to carry with you when venturing out into the world – in order to avoid a world of hurt.
  • We will encounter a world of hurt just being alive. It comes with the territory we call ‘human’! But resting in the peace of the Lord and letting it fill our entire being will keep us from stepping in deep doo-do when the hurt causes our bruised humanity to flinch!
  • Learn to love yourself. If PAPA GOD loves you; why not love yourself? When you grow to love everything about you, including the good, bad and ugly; then the ‘enemy’ will rarely be at your gate!
  • Take time to heal. When wounded by the world and it’s evil ways; we need to heal. We may need to shout, curse, stomp our feet or pound fists against a wall. Find a safe place and shout, curse, stomp or pound. Let it all hang out. Then sit down. Sit down and be quiet. Let the peace that comes after letting it all hang out fill you until there is no anger left.
  • Seek to forgive. Yourself, the circumstance, others and PAPA GOD for permitting a circumstance that rents the garments and tears the depth of our souls.
  • Patience. Be patient with yourself. Full forgiveness takes times. Like peeling an onion – one thin slice at a time.
  • Say something. As soon as you are comfortable; say something to those you may have offended. And that includes having a serious conversation with the woman in the mirror who bears a strong resemblance to you. Seek to render the situation corrected and normalized if possible. If not, see next bullet point. . .
  • Walk away. Some situations simply can’t be resolved. If all else fails and the relationship(s) remains fractured; chalk it up to experience; learn the lesson you are meant to learn – and walk away.

Did It Help, Or Hinder?

Did throwing caution to the wind with a long-winded set of bullet points, help you? Or did it hinder?

Perhaps it did neither. Perhaps you are no clearer on how to avoid being your own worst enemy than when  we started this series August 31. Perhaps you’ve tried all the thoughts I posted on avoiding the “own worst enemy obstacle” – to no avail. What then?

Living in the Muck & Mire. . .

There are those who love dirt. No matter what life brings; they will choose to live where life is dirtiest. And I don’t mean earth’s dirt. I mean the yuck that sticks to us when we persist in being our own worst enemy to the detriment of others.

Next week, I’ll start here. With words of tough love for those who grovel and grumble while manipulating sympathy from naive folks who’ve yet to learn better.

In the meantime, suck it up and stand tall. You are loved by a mighty PAPA GOD. And for that we all rejoice indeed!



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