"Age Comes With Change" ~ A Woman's Thursday Thoughts!

Moments ago, it occurred to me that the older I get the more I change!my-how-ive-changed

I’ve just read a post on my Facebook news feed with which I wholeheartedly agree. Another friend agrees as well. As I read her response I pondered how different we were in our life perspective years ago. Less serious perhaps, but definitely a bit more liberal in life’s interactions. We would have scoffed at the thought that in our ‘vintage’ years, we would agree not only on what’s important in life. . . but do so from a very spiritual standpoint!

What is there about “age” that changes us? Is it that we grow less serious about matters of great import for no other reason than we are nearer the end of life than it’s beginning? Perhaps it’s that we actually become more serious and recognize that the exuberance and “throw caution to the wind” attitudes of youth are not the way of truth; justice and the “American way”.

I definitely think that if we grow in a deeper relationship with the Lord and mature in the spirit; such understanding is most likely accurate!

I smiled when I read the response. It prompted fleeting images of our younger days in which we were anything but women of great moral integrity. Oh no, we were women searching for our own identity in a confusing world.  And not being particularly cautious about the “search”!

Age is no respecter of persons. It comes to us all. It is part of the life cycle and one that most folks would like to avoid. In fact, life is a series of cycles from birth to youth to young adulthood and so on and on. And each cycle seems to have a life of it’s own with different attitudes towards ourselves, others and the world in general. Some cycles are more difficult than others. Adolescence has it’s own unique set of challenges as we seek to separate our identity from that of our parents and siblings. Then there’s young and middle adulthood with the challenges of marriage and parenting. Some lament the “empty nest” cycle because as a couple they’ve grown apart and suddenly barely know the person across the kitchen table.

Then comes what some call “old age”. I prefer to call it our “vintage years”. Vintage like fine wine. While the body may not function as it once did; there are other aspects of being “fine wine” that makes these years more precious.

For me, it’s an attitude towards life that in many ways is softer and gentler – in others more direct and sometimes a bit hard-edged. Blunt truth is hard to hear – even tougher to deliver. But “blunt truth” is often the package us ‘vintage folks’ prefer the most. Off with the fluff and on with the no frills. Shedding that which no longer has meaning and accepting that which is the honest truth of who we are and how we got here!

How have I changed? How have many of my “of the same vintage” friends changed?

Well I’ve become more conservative in most every aspect of my life. My perspective is less complicated and I tend to say so easier (and more openly) than when I was younger. I savor teeny-weeny stuff that would not have been noticed a few years ago. I value the small stuff. I want less, yet what I want must be of the utmost quality or it’s totally not acceptable.

Basically for me, I think what’s changed the most is a willingness to speak my mind and let the chips fall. . .

How about you? What changes do you recognize in yourself as you become more ‘vintage’? Are you bothered by them?

Or are you like me? Feeling freer to speak who you are and let the chips fall?



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