It’s not just what we do, it’s why we do it

Why do we do it? Because, as a woman of faith, we deserve to fulfill our God-given destiny to become all we are designed to be – regardless of our culture, ethnicity, age, socioeconomics, or our faith.
We want to rally behind YOU. We know you are capable of doing great and amazing things.
That is what we are about and why we do what we do.

We created Affiliated Women International as a way to change this.

A letter from our CEO…

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Hello! I’m Linda Fitzgerald, CEO and Visionary Partner for Affiliated Women International (AWI). I am passionate about helping women become all we are destined to be - personally, professionally and spiritually. As a committed Christian business woman, I’m most eager to help women of faith access our God-given talents and exercise them on behalf of others, as well as ourselves!

When I began a small business; I struggled with many things; how to manage home and business, find comfortable ways to network with others; get recognized in a crowded virtual world where social media is king; learn what I need to know in order to achieve success without breaking my financial bank. I struggled with wanting to fulfill the destiny for which PAPA God made me while wanting to make money doing it. And I wanted to find the folks who could mentor, coach and lead me in reaching the same level of success they have!

I suspect we are a lot alike. We own or partner in a small business; are busy managing home, office and a world of people and ideas. Busy with church and community service. We network, market and prospect wherever (and whenever) we can. And there’s customer service which we must do exceedingly well if we are to survive, serve, and succeed!

The truth is; we all have the same challenges. What I need to grow personally, professionally and spiritually – in business and in life; are the same things you need. And what other women of faith in business need as well!

That’s why we created AWI and made it a warm safe COMMUNITY for women to gather and support each other. A place to inform and be informed, educate and be educated, motivate and be motivated, inspire and be inspired!

An efficient, effective and affordable answer to the challenges faced by women of faith in business anywhere and everywhere in the world.

You are cordially invited to join us. Please do!



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