"A Survey By Any Other Name"~Women in Micro-Business

If you are like me, you hate surveys. Someone is looking for something – information, feedback – you name it. So they put together a survey and ask everyone to take it. In fact, many times they plead with us to do so. I almost always run in the other direction.Survey Picture by Trip Advisor

But did you know that one of the best ways to engage folks on social media is with a survey? Especially Facebook! Yes indeed, surveys (and polls) are considered one of the best ways to get folks attention and engage them in activity on a number of the social media platforms. Seems it takes less time to complete a survey or poll than it takes to comment on a post or even open a personal message thread with someone you’ve just met online.

Having said the above, I confess that our organization, Affiliated Women International, is doing a SURVEY. Yes, you read that correctly. We’re doing it on behalf of our great (and growing) women-in-micro-business community, NEIGHBORHOOD BOUTIQUES. Would not have been my choice; but I have to admit that it’s fun. Fun checking the numbers of responses each day and learning what women in business want and need! From us no less. . .

So why a survey? What do we want to know? What do we hope to gain from it and what do we want to bring to you from the results?

1. Why a survey? Many women in business (and men as well) tout they want to be a valuable resource to their target audience. I don’t refute that; but it is the conventional mantra of those who simply piggy-back on what’s popular today. They may or may not be truly interested in being that kind off resource at all. 

However, we do! The entire underlying vision and mission of AWI is to bring valuable resources to women in micro-business world wide. Not just the collective expertise of our leadership; but the expertise of women who become a part of our organization as members and contributors. And there’s no other way to learn what the needs and wants of those we serve without asking.

And a survey is simply an ask for something of value of a different nature and kind-your personal input. TWEET THIS

Amazingly, if one thinks a bit deeply about it, surveys are a blessing to those being asked for feedback. To be given an opportunity to share my needs with others is one of life’s greatest compliments! And to know that what I want is worthy of consideration is perhaps _ _ _ priceless!

BOTTOM LINE: not only will a survey get us what we need to add real value to women’s lives; but it compliments those who take the time to respond! Think of it that way.

2. What do we want to know? There’s nothing hidden or nefarious in our ask to complete a survey. May be the case with others; but not here. What we want to know is simple: what women in micro-business want. What you need to know that will help you achieve the level of success you desire for yourself. Since our desire is to serve up a full plate of value filled with resources that will help you do that – we need to know what those things are.

BOTTOM LINE: We want to know a little about you as a woman and a whole lot about how we can help you meet your needs and desires for business success. Our job? Fill those as best we can with what we have available. And then go searching for what we don’t readily have at hand_ _ _ servant leadership!

3. What do we hope to gain from it? Almost a redundant question. We hope to gain information. Information that will help us provide for you who may own or partner in a micro-business somewhere in the world – the tools necessary to achieve your desired level of success. Nothing could be more transparent than that.

But I should add that we want to get to know the women who respond. Not just as a woman in business; but as a woman transiting life in general. For you too bring expertise from life experience that can benefit others – and we want to tap into that so all can partake.win win situation

From a simple survey can come a win-win situation for many! TWEET THIS 

4. What do we want to bring to you from the results? Well the answer seems obvious. We want to take your needs and wants as expressed by the survey responses and turn them into a series of resources valuable to you as women in business, especially micro-businesses. By valuable resourceswe mean one or more of the following:

♦ audio education and information series

 video education and information series

♦ opportunities to connect with a much larger audience than you might currently have available

♦ opportunities to build strong relationships with others who care as much about helping you be successful as they do their own success. 

♦ and many more ways we think of – and you think of to share with us!

In closing, since launching our #NBsurvey15 less than a week ago, I admit that my impression of surveys has changed. In fact, I’ve responded to at least one found on LinkedIn simply because I know how important they are to the growth of one’s business.

Not just any business mind you – but women who truly seek to add real value to the lives of others. Business women who have servant hearts and have as their mission the success of women world wide.

Take our Survey and be part of a very special group of women for whom we are extremely grateful!



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Linda S. Fitzgerald

I have a fiery passion to see women become all they are designed to be - personally and professionally. I write, teach, mentor and coach with that passion in mind. As an author and prolific blogger, I reach out to women in all walks of life, especially women of faith to empower and equip them for greatness.

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